Sunday, October 12, 2008

Manly Lips Theory

I know, I know...I'm not supposed to be here. But sometimes you've just GOT to blog about stuff.

A few minutes ago we were in the car, coming home from a couple quick errands. Megan has been in super-creative mode all weekend. She was talking about "someday." Someday she's going to design dolls when she works in a doll factory and she's going to decide what they're made of and what they wear and she'll paint them herself and on and on she went. So I interjected a question to tease her. I asked if she'd make me a GP doll.

She said, "Sure! I'll make it really realistic if you give me a picture of him. I'll paint his teeth. I won't paint lips though, just a mouth."

Then Alli joins the coversation with, "Yeah, boys don't have lips."

Megan agreed.

So I wondered aloud, "Should I let him know he doesn't have lips?"

Meg said, "He has a special kind of lips. They're called 'maaaanly lips.'"

Alli pipes up sounding very incredulous, "WHAT?!! He's not MANLY!...........He sings."

Hmmmmmm...let's see.

Sorry, Alli. I'm going to have to agree with Megan and her "manly lips" theory.

A Little This and a Little That

Prepare yourselves for a bunch of mixed and match thoughts. And I'm thinking that barring something really interesting this week, it might be the last you hear of me this week. Back to the "sabbatical" idea. (I apparently really like the word "sabbatical" these days.)

It's Sunday morning and we're skipping church today. Allison has been barking like a seal, that nasty croupy cough. Meg's never been the croupy sort, but Alli? That girl knows how to bark. She's been doing it of a morning for about a week. I have been having her sleep with a humidifier and it had been working. But this morning she got up after a whole night with the vaporizer and bark bark bark. So I called into church to cover my responsibilities and we're staying home and resting. I don't know how much it will help but she was miserable. She starts barking and then she cries which makes her bark worse and it sounds like she's going to hyperventilate, so I opted for staying home.

I'm supposed to sing a solo at my church in about a month, so I pulled out a couple songs to try to work on. When I said I was going to do that, the girls retreated to their rooms, ha ha. They began playing. Alli was a pet store owner and Megan ran a "special kind of McDonald's that sells McDonald's food and Sweetbay food." (Sweetbay is a grocery store here.) Alli made out the best, I think. She said she was making 2 million dollars a week running her pet store. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Then I sat here just relaxing and checking things out around the net, when suddenly a box popped up. It's part of my AOL toolbar. There is the option of a counter on the toolbar that keeps track of how many webpages you've surfed to: a surfometer. When I first got the computer (last March) I didn't really pay any attention to it. But when I hit the 1,000 point, a box popped up announcing the milestone and asking me if I have a job??!! Nice. A smart-aleck computer. However, the machine isn't nearly as cocky now. This morning when the box popped up it announced that I hit the 40,000-pages-surfed point and there was the sound of great applause. That's more like it. A little respect.

This is not a pout or a woe-is-me, but I just have to say that this is my least favorite time of year here in Florida. It's scorching and muggy (though the temps should have broken by now) but then it's scorching and muggy a large part of the year. The thing that makes it so unfavorable is the fact that I know so much of the country/world is or has been enjoying autumn. Leaves changing colors, eventually falling and crunching under your feet. Starting to layer clothes...getting the turtlenecks ready. Hot cocoa, weinie roasts, and hayrides. The smell in the air and the feeling in the air that takes my mind back to being a student all excited to be heading back for the first day of the school year. I loved that day and there are scents and feelings in the air that take me back without a thought. I love it. And I miss it. So it's not so much that this is my unfavorite time of the year here. It's just that I miss experiencing my favorite season. So those of you who are experiencing it, live it up, would ya? :)

One more thing. I'm contemplating pursuing a masters in Computer Science or Info Tech...some such. I guess it depends on if I can get financial aid more than anything. Hmmm...

Now if you'll excuse me, my children asked me to model some formal wear from my closet, so I'm off to the ball.

Ta ta.

P.S. - I'm debating doing something here on my blog. Kristen, the MM-Enabler, was talking to me on the phone yesterday when I came across my childhood diaries. She begged me to send them to her. I told her I MIGHT just type them up and email them. I assured her they were as boring as could be...and very few and far between...but she still wants them, so... I'm thinking of maybe putting them on here...a little here, a little there. Not sure, though. I'll have to read them and see how lame or if they could offer any amusement or prompt any good memories or stories.