Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fight Insomnia with The Hill Diaries, Part 3

Ok, now for the next diary. I'm now 13. I'm sorry, but I tried to tell you I wasn't a very interesting kid. :)
Boring fact: this diary is all written in hot pink pen.

Saturday, Feb. 18, 1984
Today my family and I came to Grandma's. When we got here Aunt Laura and Chrissy, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Greg, Grams and Gramps, and of course Kim and Lora were here. We ate lunch after we opened presents that we got from Kim & Lora (my stepsisters). A little later we left (Kim, Lora, Angie and I) and went cruising. Aunt Laura left for St. Louis for a visit. I'm sure I'll enjoy the rest of my visit at Gram's.

Sun., Feb. 19, 1984
Today I'm still at Grandma's. I got woken up at I think 7:00am and ate eggs and bacon. We didn't go to Sunday School so we didn't leave for church till 20 till 11. I got dressed twice. We visited the Nazarene Church in Lebanan.
(That's the town in Missouri, not the country.) It was voting Sunday there. Dad and Mom, Angie, Kim, Lora, Cliff and I, Uncle Greg and Aunt Kathy went. We got home and ate and it was way past noon when I discovered I had left Gram's Bible there (at church). At 8:00pm Dad took me to the church to get it but the church was shut up.

Mon., Feb., 20, 1984
I called to get Gram's Bible back.
Today we came home from Grandma's. The hills we went over were bad on us all (but Dad). I've got something on my mind right now. My mom went to the hospital for a D and C. It's just a minor thing but I'm still worried. I have to practice my pantomime. It's called the bashful flower. David Compton is the farmer. I don't like David,
(sorry David) but I guess that's the breaks. Well, I guess I'll just relax and watch Superman II.

Tues., Feb. 21, 1984
Today I got up, got cleaned up and ready for school. Dad took us to school. I had a good day. It wasn't bad. I still haven't memorized my pantomime! I wish I could get it down pat. In my 3rd hour class (Band) I challenged Andrea Obert. I don't know what the results will be. I played "Academic Festival Overture" measure 35-49 (I think) and "Denbridge Way" measure 135-154 (I think). It is a nervous thing. Dad helped me do my homework. Well, I'm getting tired so I'll go to bed.
P.S. - Mom came home from the hospital.

Wed., Feb. 22, 1984
Today I went to school. I lost my challenges.
Today was nice.
I haven't got much to say.
(As opposed to these other power-packed entries) So,...................................Goodnight. P.S. my favorite news person is Bryant Gumble.

Feb., 23, 1984 Thurs.
Today I went to school. not much happened. I found out I get to go to my friend's birthday party. We'll go skating, too. I get to get my hair cut first, though. I'm excited about both. I almost finished my American History Worksheet and I just started it today. This is how my schedule goes:
1st Lang. Arts
2nd Gym/Study Hall
3rd Band
4th Speech/creative drama
5th Am. History
6th Science
7th Math
This evening Mom and I went to this goat lady's house.

Fri., Feb. 24, 1984
One more day till the party and my hair cut. The goat lady I talked about's name is Renee Pope. Her goats have alot of babys. My friend who's having the party is Staci Brous. My friend Nancy Epple likes this guy but he doesn't know her. She writes him notes and signs them "Your secret admirer." She gives him clues each time. I like to read the notes she writes. She asked him to write back and told them to put it in a friends locker. I can't wait to hear what he writes!

Ok, I'm going to have mercy on you unsuspecting souls. You gave me the benefit of the doubt that this might be interesting. But alas, you were wrong. So rather than continue, I'll tell you in brief: I mentioned a boy here or there...that I liked them...that they didn't like me...that I was in sports...how I did...etc. But it was all with the same bored-out-of-my-brain style you've already waded through. So as my initial entries said................signing off!

The Hill Diaries...continued...

Again...my comments "nowadays" are in regular type. The old diary is in italics.

Friday, 3-27-81
Tonight something wonderful happened! A premature baby goat was born and I get to keep it (her). I feed It every two hours out of a real baby bottle.

Well, I'm still working on her (baby goat), and she is improving.

Sunday 3-29-81
Well, another good, wonderful thing has happened! The goat tryed standing up by itself, and it almost did. I am so proud of the goat.

Mon., 3-30-81
Something bad happened, the goat died.

Friday 5-8-81
We just arrived back from our vacation. We went to the Capitol, Wash. D.C. We went in to the capitol Bldg. It was beautiful, all the chandeliers. We went to Yorkstown. We went thro Il., Kent., W.Va., Va., Maryland. We went to Chesepeake bay, also. We went to the Gateway Arch, and they closed when we got there.

Time passes and on the next page we find...

Monday, July 2, 1984
Sorry Diary. I'm not gonna use ya till I get in college or get married.

So I Dug Out My Old Diaries

Ok, I got out the diaries tonight and since a couple of you think they might be interesting to look at, I'm going to type some in. I don't have a LOT but I'll share what I found. Not sure how many blogs this will be, but I'll go ahead and share what I can for now, then come back and add more later... (Stuff written in the diary is in italics. Anything else is just my...editorial comments, lol.)

First of all, inside cover of the first diary I found is written:
Owned by Hillary Purcell
Recieved Dec. 25 Christmas
Given by: Santa Claus

This starts when I was eight and a half...

Thurs., Dec. 25, 1980
Dear Diary,
This morning my dad got me up. I went in to open my gifts. I saw some right off the bat. I got 3 presents from Santa Claus. I got six from Mom and Dad. I got one from my great Aunt Dorothy. We are going to Grandma's and Gramp's for Christmas, today. Christmas is fun.
(signing off)

Friday, Dec. 26, 1980
Dear Diary,
Today I went shopping. I got an exchange gift. Today we are going home from Gram's and Gramp's. I got a new barbie doll. My sisters are learning to play backgammon. I like my new desk set.
(signing off)

Saturday, Dec. 27, 1980
Dear Diary,
Today I learned how to play backgammon! I even learned to play Uno. We picked up our goats today. We stayed at the folks house a while, then we came home & played some games we got at Christmas.
(signing off)

Sun., Dec. 28, 1980
We went to church in the morning and evening.
We also played some games.
(signing off)

Mon., Dec. 29, 1980
Some of our friends came down for the day. We really had fun. We played hide-n-seek. The men went to town to chop wood.
(signing off)

Tues., Dec. 30, 1980
Today I got sick. I had to go to the doctor (Piedra). Then I got a shot on my back side. And the family thought I had scarlet fever. But I didn't. I was lucky. Now my shot is sore. It should be sorer tomorrow.
(signing off)

Anybody falling asleep yet? No? Ok, here's some more...

Wed., Dec. 31, 1980
Today I mostly sat around because my shot made my leg hurt so much. Now I can't get around so well.
(signing off)

Don't I sound pathetic? I remember it, though. I had an adult dose of penicillin in the tush. I literally limped. So mom put a heating pad under me and I sat there most of the day. It happened every time I got those shots...which was yearly. I won't tell you the doctor's solution to that. It hurts too much to retell, lol.

Thurs., Jan. 1, 1981
Today I'm getting around a lot better. I baked Choc. Crinkle cookies today, so I'm tired.
(signing off)

Fri., Jan. 2, 1981
Today we went to town. We got a milk pail, and a hay hook. I was going to get a ring but they didn't have my size. I got my finger stuck in one but we got it out.
(signing off)

Tues., Jan.20, 1981
Today was the anauguration. The teacher let us watch it. I wasn't thrilled, I'm a Democrat. Ronald Poe was because he's a Republican and his first name is Ronald, also. (reference to Ronald Reagan and btw, I'm not still a democrat.) Well it was exciting, even if I'm not a republican.
(signing off)

Fri., March 13, 1981
Today was Angie's birthday. She's 14. She got an NIV, Holy Bible. We had chocolate cake. Choc. icing, with frogs.
(signing off)
Angie is my sister.

Sat., March 17, 1981 Ok, that Sat. should have been Tues.
St. Patrick's day is today. I didn't get pinched, but I wore a paper shamrock all day. Evreyone wore green, so I didn't pinch anyone
(signing off)

Wed., March 18, 1981
Today's Cliff's Birthday, he got a wallet.
(signing off)
Cliff is my brother.

To be continued...