Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Remember how God was smiling on me yesterday? How my two most "enthusiastic" students were absent? And what an easy cheesy day it was? Well, I'm sure God was smiling on me today, too. In fact, I think He might have been laughing. Hard.

One of my two "enthusiasts" returned today. Full force. Only that wasn't the part to amuse God. He came in the door yelling and slamming it as hard as a five year old could...and laughing a laugh one should only hear on Halloween. Only that wasn't the part to amuse Him either. He laid on his tummy and slid all over his table for fun. That wasn't the funny part. And it wasn't funny when he took someone else's snack and ate it. No one laughed when he scratched another little boy who found a feather outside because he was upset he didn't find one, too. And I certainly didn't so much as snicker when he knocked the game chips flying or nearly broke the game board in half. I doubt any of that gave God a good belly laugh. No. But it got better. It the newspaper's because someone's picture is going to be on the cover-good. We're talking poke-me-in-the-eye, spit-on-my-neck fantastic!

We were coming in from P.E., Art, and Music, and the precious lad began to take special notice of the little red box on the wall. The one marked, "FIRE ALARM - PULL DOWN." Quite fortunately for me another teacher saw his curious little hand reaching out for it and called out to him. I went and pulled him away from it and explained the whole "we don't do that or we go to jail" idea.

About two hours later we were coming in from the playground, Mr. Enthusiastic at the end because he wasn't too enthusiastic about leaving the playground. We got inside, I turned back to make sure I had everyone and there goes Mr. Enthusiastic's hand, only this time he's actually got the handle of the "FIRE ALARM - PULL DOWN" pulled down halfway. That's when my scream shook the roof of the school. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Mr. Enthusiastic froze momentarily...................then released the handle.

And those two little savory incidents are what made God look down and not only smile but downright guffaw in my direction. And I'm okay with that. I appreciate a good sense of humor.

Tune in tomorrow for "What a Wild Fire Drill THAT Was!" aka Mr. Enthusiastic Succeeded in Setting Off the Alarm.

Guess who's going to be my BFF tomorrow and hold my hand wherEVER we go. :)