Friday, November 7, 2008

Bottoms Up!

This is my Friday Foto Finish Fiesta. I'm catching the tail end of FX4, as I most often do. Friday creeps up on me somehow...even when the week is looooooooooooong.

If you haven't been to the big Fiesta, you can find it on Carrie's blog every Friday.

The photos I chose are nearly beyond explanation. It's not like they're a big deal, though. They just gave me a thoroughly good laugh at the time they happened. My girls have a dollhouse and (too many) people to play with in it. One day they have it dragged out into the living room. I don't know what I was gone doing, but when I came into the living room, this is what I saw. Check out the people....even the babies and the grandparents! Absolutely cracked me up.

And what was the purpose or the inspiration behind this? No idea, but I cracked up when I saw it, so I grabbed the camera and voila! To remember forever...