Saturday, March 27, 2010

Harry Potter, That Age, and Vision

Somewhere around nine years ago I had long hair. I also had a two year old and a new baby. The hair became a nuisance and I decided it was time to get it cut. So I went in to the hair dresser and had her work her magic. I walked out of the salon with that GLORIOUS I-just-got-my-hair-drastically-cut-and-feel-so-fresh-and-chic feeling. You know the one I'm talking about. ...unless you're a man, in which case, I'd guess I just lost you. Well...farewell then. On with the story....

The next stop in my day was the pharmacy. As I was leaving the pharmacist's window, an elderly man, with a smile that can only be described as mischievous, said to me, "Hi Harry!" Confused, I just looked at him. Not missing a beat, he clarified, "Harry Potter...just forgot your glasses, right?" I couldn't help but laugh and walk away.

Talk about bursting a woman's bubble. RIGHT after a brand new haircut...being mistaken for an adolescent boy. Dang it.

Sadly, I have a history of similar incidents.

In grade school I got my haircut really short and my dad called me, "Scott." (Reference to Scott Baio.) Just what I wanted to be...a teenage boy heartthrob.

Same haircut, walking through the grocery store...produce aisle if anyone cares...I overheard two elderly ladies talking about me (obvious by the staring). "He looks like Albert on Little House on the Prairie!"

Those were the glory years.

Back to the Harry Potter story. Fast forward about three years and I'm sitting at the opthalmologists's office. I'd had a change in my vision, but apparently it wasn't significant enough to require glasses. The doctor's explanation? "You're getting to 'that age.'" I SO wanted to say, "We're not talking about my mother here, ya know." But I didn't.

Well, bad news. The transformation is complete. I AM Harry Potter. And I have reached "That Age."

Let's hope I use my powers for good.