Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Tale of Two Cages

This is my Friday Foto Finish Fiesta. I'm just posting it a few hours early. :)

If you haven't been to the big Fiesta, you can find it on Carrie's blog every Friday.

Earlier this year, my friend Ginny went away for a few days and I went over to her house a couple times a day to feed her dogs and to let them out for a bit. While I had my back turned, getting Charlie (not pictured) into his cage, something was going on behind me.... I THOUGHT my girls were putting Chase into his cage. Well, I wasn't totally wrong.....
So now I've got one of these little cages for our house, too.

ONLY kidding. Although, they look so happy...and so confined.... :D

A Child's Testament to Her Mother's Cleaning Prowess

Ok, usually this blog is my chance to write write write. But yesterday and today I was thinking about a story that Megan wrote last year in fourth grade. I didn't see it until the year was over and she brought home a portfolio of her writing. When I found it, I laughed myself silly. I cringed at the thought of my colleagues at school reading her story and wondering how much of it was based on reality. However, I was taking a class with two of the fourth grade teachers at the time that I found it, so I took it to class and shared it with them. (Yeah, that's me. Worry what someone may think about the writing then take it to them and show them. Illogical, but transparency makes me feel more secure.)

Anyway, I thought I'd share it here on my blog. I absolutely love it.


"OH NO!" My sister herd me say those words and ran as fast as a herd of cattle. When she got there she sputtered, "What's rong." I shouted, "All the socks are gone!" I bolted into the living room and sat on the couch that was millions of dolars. When Allison my sister came she sat down with me. We sat there for an hour or two before Allison suggested, "look in the dryer." I hurried to the dryer. bang, I opened dryer. Then I mumbled, "Nothing not even a speck of dust is hear." We ran to are mom's bedroom and yelled, "We have no socks." My mom leaped out of bed like a frog and groaned, "I have not washed socks in 11 or 10 weeks." We gasped as bad as a sparow. After a tiring long week we finaly found fresh, clean, and nonstinkey socks. My sister had 3 pares of difrent colored socks in her drawrs but not mine. The socks were green with ivory, blue with spots, and white. I grabed a pare of clean emarold green socks out of the royal blue clean basket. I yelled, "yes, victory, I found my socks." My mom screemed, "Finally you found your socks." From that day on tiered, old, but roudy mom checked our londry basket for any socks and then washed the socks.