Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Note and 4 Things

Ok, before I get to 4 Things, I will be back this evening with some serious business. I'm talking serious. Way bigger than Mamma Mia, people. I mean...if you thought I was all rialed (sp?) up about that, y'ain't heard nuthin yet! Ok, I'll save my steam for that blog. (Gotta get the kids tucked in and watch a bit o' Grey's first. But this is way more important. It needs my undivided attention.)

Dee blogged about "4 Things" and I thought it was a cool idea, so I jumped on the 4 Things survey and am giving my answers here...and now.

Four Places I Go Over and Over:
1. Greg's website - Shocked?
2. School - Where else can I earn a living and lose my sanity all at the same time?
3. Wal-Mart - Got to feed and clothe the family.
4. Church - Got to feed the soul, too.

Four People Who E-Mail Me Regularly:
1. My Momma
2. Max Lucado - Ok, actually that's one that I signed up for and get automatically, but it's my favorite non-personal email.
3. Myself - I'm using my email until I get that memory-replacing surgery.
4. Hmmmmmm.....wish I could say I was more loved, but that's the regulars...although I get the occasional from Kristen and the occasional from Sunshine (but she keeps in touch here and on facebook, so really she counts, too!)

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now:
1. Sydney
2. At a Greg Page concert
3. At an original Wiggles concert
4. At a Greg's-Playing-Cricket Cricket Match/Game thingie

Four TV Shows I Watch:
1. The Bonnie Hunt Show
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Private Practice
4. Friends

Four Things I Have for Breakfast:
1. Nausea
2. Bagels with cream cheese and butter
3. Carnation Instant Breakfast, chocolate please
4. The occasional sausage in a pancake blankie on a stick. (Wow that doesn't sound good.)

Four Animals I Like Best:
1. Dogs - have a mix we rescued - waiting and "saving" for a teacup Yorkie.
2. Polar Bears - don't have one and not saving for one.
3. Baby Seals
4. Men - I don't mean that in a racey way (or am not admitting it, ha really I don't mean it that way)...but face are a step closer to the animal world than we lovelies are. lol

Four Beaches I've Been to:
1. Bowman's Beach on Sanibel Island (Florida)
2. Fort Myers Beach
3. The beach at Stockton Lake in Missouri. (Hey we counted it back then...and I liked it better than the ocean.)
4. Some nameless beach in Maryland where my family and I (I was in 4th grade, 8 years old)...we snuck in to someone's private beach because we all wanted to see the ocean and touch it and wade in the edge of it and we couldn't find a stinkin' public place. So we tiptoed past that "Keep Out" sign and well....... (This comment will spontaneously combust in five seconds...)

Four People I'm Tagging to Do The Four Things:
Greg...but he just won't know he's tagged so don't like...keep looking for his post.
Sunshine...unless she did it when I wasn't paying enough attention...which sometimes happens.
Mummy...unless she did it too...
Anyone else who happens upon this blog and wants to...