Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just a Chuckle from Al-Gal

This will be brief, but it gave me the giggles and I decided I needed to write it down...and this is the place I decided to write it!

Today was a cleaning day at our house. Don't ask me why it's worse than when we started. It won't help my mood. However, something that DID help the mood was a brief moment with Al when I tucked her in tonight.

I had said something, and I can't remember what, but she made the comment that she'd "picked up all the candy." And sure enough, there was her EASTER BASKET full of candy sitting near her bed. I laughed and said something about it being almost a whole year old. Then she laughed too and said something about there being some valentine's candy in it, too. And then out of pure silliness she said, "And there was a million bucks in there. I just threw it away."

So joining her goofiness, I replied, "Yeah, we don't want any old money laying around."

(And here comes her reply that triggered our fit of giggles.) "Yeah, it was SO last year."

See? Wasn't much, but a bit of silliness.

Loooooooooooooooooove my silly girls.