Friday, January 2, 2009

Coming Soon!!

Happy New Year to all my bloggie buddies! (That means YOU.)

This morning I got an idea that is really exciting! At least it is very exciting FOR ME. I am starting a new blog! I'm not going to discontinue this one. This is just MY blog. It's about me and my life and, well, general insanity and sweet moments and so on. So it will go on as long as my general insanity does, I suppose. We're talking serious longevity here, folks.

So what's with the new blog? I decided it would be really cool (for me) to get the hundreds of ditties I've written in the last 6+ years and put them in a blog. If I tried adding one a day...all bloggie would take a few years, so I'm guessing there will be days with several ditties...and those stinky busy days when I can't add any at all. I just had so much fun writing them and still get some chuckles reading them, so I want to get them all together in one place if I can. I'm hoping to get them all printed out and physically put together, too. We'll see how that goes.

Now I've got to think of a name for the new blog. You're welcome to make suggestions. However, I might get my idea before anyone even sees this blog, so don't be offended if I don't take the suggestion. I kind of get a bee in my bonnet at times and just go for it. There isn't a lot of "sit and simmer" as a rule for me. lol Oh wait! I think I've got it! How about: Doo-Wah-Ditty-Ditty-Mum-Ditty-Do. Yes, I think that'll do nicely.

Off to create...........

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a link! Nothing much there yet...looking for a cooool layout first, but we DO have the link, lol.