Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So....How Was Your Day???

::sigh:: Today was a good day. My two "loudest" children were not in attendance today, which made it an easy day. No raising of the voice. No battle of the wills. Just 14 kids trying their best to earn my praise. This is how kindergarten is supposed to be. :D That's not to say I don't love my two "loudest" children. They have endearing traits, too. They just exhaust me, that's all. So today was quiet. SO quiet that one little girl asked me, "Why's everyone so quiet??" I refrained from saying, "Because God is smiling on me, today." But He was. Oh yes, He WAS. Not that He doesn't smile on me every day, but I LOVE how He did it today.

So I should have had my act together. I shouldn't have been frazzled. I didn't THINK I WAS. And then I got home, messed a few minutes...like a half hour or so...on my computer. Then I wrote out my car payment, stuck it in my purse and took off. I made a stop at the post office to run the payment in (hoping it will get there in two days because for WHATEVER reason, I canNOT make myself write the thing out on the 20th...but wait until drop dead time...which is the 30th. I should work on that.) Then I hopped back in the car and headed to the salon where I used to get my nails done. (Did you catch that? "USED TO" ::sniff:: I miss pretty hands. I really do. Stupid budget.) ANYWAY, I stopped there because the lady who USED TO do my nails has the tiniest children on the planet so I take my girls' old uniforms to her, and I'd gathered another bag full and wanted to get them to her.) So I hopped out, ran the bag in. Then I headed back to the car again. I dug in my purse for my keys and couldn't find them. (Not a shocker; The Grand Canyon is more shallow.) Then I started feeling pockets for them and that's when I discovered it. Not the keys. But I felt something hard and metal. Wha??? I raised my sweat jacket a teensy bit so I could see below it and well-whaddaya-know-'bout-that? It was my belt...undone...just flapping around while I walked. That's nice. That's the look I've been going for.

So I hop in the car and fasten everything back up. ::rolling eyes:: Before I'd left home I had it in my brain that I MUST go to Arby's for a French Dip Sub. It is my current craving. For no good reason, but mmmmmmmmm, it tastes soooo good. So I pull into the drive through because there's no way I'm going in. They try to freeze you in fast food places in Florida. One MUST drive through and keep the food fast and the body warm. So I do. I pull in. I order. I start to advance to the window to pay and that's when I discovered it. No wallet. No money. Nothing. Seriously?? I mean, SERIOUSLY??? I NEVER leave my wallet out of my purse. I forget a LOT of things, but my wallet is NOT one of those things. And of course I've already placed the order so I can't be "THAT GIRL" and just floor it past the window in hopes that they don't recognize me when I come back fifteen minutes later, because YOU KNOW I'm coming back. There's the French Dip, the au jus to be thinking of. So I wait my turn, inch up to the window and before that guy can blurt out his, "That'll be $6.26," I say, "Forgot my wallet; I'll be back!" The dude cracks up. I say "TEN MINUTES!" and take off.

I went back and the guy didn't even act like he remembered me. I'm hurt. I'm more memorable than that. After all, I'm not groovy. I'm not cool. I must be pretty unique! lol

::siiiiiiiiiiiiigh:: Yeah, that was my afternoon. BOY was that French Dip good. So were the loaded potato bites...and the mozerella sticks. Ok, ok, I pigged out and my stomach feels heavier than when I was nine months pregnant with Alli. And that was three hours ago...or more..the pigging out, not the nine months pregnant scenario.

Tomorrow: NO BELT.