Sunday, October 11, 2009

Life Changes

Wow, has my life changed! My last post was August 9th, I think. Here it is, August 11th, and my life is so different, it makes my head spin.

Some of you know and some of you may not know, but a little over a month ago (lean in here, because I'm going to whisper this next bit...) I started dating again. Yes, I'm serious. Me. Hill. The woman who's been a single mom for like....400 years now? Yep. It's true. An amazing man seemingly appeared out of nowhere and asked me out. Ok...that might not be entirely true. He IS amazing. He DID ask me out. But no one really comes out of nowhere. I have known him ... on a professional basis ... since last December. I had enjoyed making his acquaintance, chatting whenever I saw him, etc., but had not contemplated anything further. My mom saw it coming. My bff saw it coming (and she's never met the man). I laughed them off. No one notices me...not like that, silly women. As if. Then...out of the blue...he asked me to dinner. I accepted. And here it is, a little over five weeks later, and we're still going out...and having an amazing time.

It blows my mind really. I know you complimentary friends who will say "you look beautiful," etc., but it never sinks into MY brain...or heart, really. So now there's this amazing man, sweet, intelligent...and yes, lookin' fiiiiine, ...who tells me I'm beautiful...and stares at my face, looking his fill.

How did it happen? A gift from God, I'd say. An answer to prayer. A blessing.

My thoughts are getting jumbled and I'm not blogging so great, but this is the time to be blogging, I say. Life is more than a survival routine now.

And I'm too tired to think of how to wind this up, so I'm just going to back away from the keyboard now.....