Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oh NO She Di'n't!!


Today I went to get my eyebrows done. I do it when I really can't deal with them anymore and figure IT'S TIME. So I trotted off toward the salon I go to. It was....closed, from all appearances...with a sign that said "by appointment only" and gave one lady's name and number for nails and another's for hair. Times are hard, no?

Anyway, so I drive around the relatively close area finding little salons, calling their number and asking their pricing. One place said $14. I thought, "Uhh, no." My old place was cheaper. So I call the next place I come to. He says, "$7 per eyebrow." WHAT!?? I thought I was mistaken in hearing him, so I reiterated, "$7 PER EYEBROW?" and he assured me that was what he'd said. WHO PRICES BY THE BROW?? If I were to go in with a unibrow would it be cheaper than taking my two brows in for some sprucing up? (No I have NEVER had a uni.)

On to the next place because ... well ... $7+$7=$14 AND pricing by the brow is odd. Next one was closed. So then I remember one about two blocks from my house and I head that way. I call their number and she tells me "$7." I refused to ask if it was priced by the brow and went in anyway. It was NOT priced by the brow. It was $7 no matter how many brows you had. Encouraging!

I walk in the door at the same time a little girl around 9 or 10 walked in. She was the daughter of one of the ladies working there. She stared at me...and stared...and stared. I spoke to her a couple times and she'd answer then continue to stare. Oooookay. In the back of my mind I began wondering if she went to school where I teach. FINALLY out came the question, "Are you a teacher?" And there it is. Yes. And she goes to the school. Mystery solved. And now she's my shadow...other than when her mother was shooing her away. lol

Now HERE comes my indignant "Oh NO she di'n't!" You know how in a salon (or any other business) the workers try to make suggestive sales. Not suggestive as in inappropriate "You are such a hottie - nice curves" suggestive, but as in, "Would you like a hot fudge sundae with that?" suggestive. Now, in a salon you expect to hear, "How about a pedicure?" or "Would you like to add some nail art today?" Not shockers. And I have no problem with them ... when I have some will power to resist, anyway.

But today was different. This sweet little lady who's ripping the hair out of my brow as I try not to flinch and remain "serene," suddenly asks me, "Would you like to have your LIP done today, too, or just the eyebrows?" I calmly answered, "No, just the eyebrows, please." I WANTED to say, "Who the heck do I look like, TOM FLIPPIN' SELLECK??!"

Yeah. She went there. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go examine my lip a bit more closely.