Sunday, March 13, 2011


Today is my big sister's birthday. Her name's not Sue...not exactly...although she told people her name was Buggy Sue when she was a tot. Mom cleared that up for her, though. Her name is Angie...I call her Ang (pronouncing it like "bang" or "dang.") I try to avoid calling her That Dang Ang. It's better for my health.

Anyway, today's her birthday so I decided to blog about her. Guess it's also her lucky day!! ha ha See, I thought about an e-card and while there are some doozies out there, I thought maybe some actual thought on my part would be a better gift. So here we go....

Ang is one of the most interesting people I know...and I mean it in a good way. Though some eyes may pop and get that slightly worried look when first exposed to her humor, it is something I really appreciate. She is insane...the best form of insane. She is creative...incredibly so...and in many different ways. In her writing, in sewing, in decorating, in pet acquisition, lol, and the list goes on.

She is one of the most talented musicians I know. Just sit her down at a keyboard and watch her go. Or better yet, listen. Give her a new instrument and a little time and see what she does.

Then there's her genius brain with languages. As a small child she told Mom she was going to speak Spanish when she grew up. She's fluent. And has gone on to learn other languages to some degree as well.

She's the mother of four children, three of them girls (this accounts for the insanity). And now she's tackling an all new world. She was recently offered a job in the field of computers and I'm sure in no time at all she'll have that mastered as well. I mean, you should see what she does with side dogs, for example...the things she can tell you about dog breeds...or lizards...or belly dancing costumes...or our amazing. All because she gets interested. Guess she's an all-or-nothin' kind of girl. So give her something she's working on eight hours a day and I'm sure she will stun me yet again.

In many ways I almost envy her...the musical talent alone would be awesome...but I could never BE her. She likes cats, birds, and various amphibians. Hill don't go there.

But best of all, Ang loves me. And I love her, too. What else could sisters want??