Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fight Insomnia with The Hill Diaries, Part 3

Ok, now for the next diary. I'm now 13. I'm sorry, but I tried to tell you I wasn't a very interesting kid. :)
Boring fact: this diary is all written in hot pink pen.

Saturday, Feb. 18, 1984
Today my family and I came to Grandma's. When we got here Aunt Laura and Chrissy, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Greg, Grams and Gramps, and of course Kim and Lora were here. We ate lunch after we opened presents that we got from Kim & Lora (my stepsisters). A little later we left (Kim, Lora, Angie and I) and went cruising. Aunt Laura left for St. Louis for a visit. I'm sure I'll enjoy the rest of my visit at Gram's.

Sun., Feb. 19, 1984
Today I'm still at Grandma's. I got woken up at I think 7:00am and ate eggs and bacon. We didn't go to Sunday School so we didn't leave for church till 20 till 11. I got dressed twice. We visited the Nazarene Church in Lebanan.
(That's the town in Missouri, not the country.) It was voting Sunday there. Dad and Mom, Angie, Kim, Lora, Cliff and I, Uncle Greg and Aunt Kathy went. We got home and ate and it was way past noon when I discovered I had left Gram's Bible there (at church). At 8:00pm Dad took me to the church to get it but the church was shut up.

Mon., Feb., 20, 1984
I called to get Gram's Bible back.
Today we came home from Grandma's. The hills we went over were bad on us all (but Dad). I've got something on my mind right now. My mom went to the hospital for a D and C. It's just a minor thing but I'm still worried. I have to practice my pantomime. It's called the bashful flower. David Compton is the farmer. I don't like David,
(sorry David) but I guess that's the breaks. Well, I guess I'll just relax and watch Superman II.

Tues., Feb. 21, 1984
Today I got up, got cleaned up and ready for school. Dad took us to school. I had a good day. It wasn't bad. I still haven't memorized my pantomime! I wish I could get it down pat. In my 3rd hour class (Band) I challenged Andrea Obert. I don't know what the results will be. I played "Academic Festival Overture" measure 35-49 (I think) and "Denbridge Way" measure 135-154 (I think). It is a nervous thing. Dad helped me do my homework. Well, I'm getting tired so I'll go to bed.
P.S. - Mom came home from the hospital.

Wed., Feb. 22, 1984
Today I went to school. I lost my challenges.
Today was nice.
I haven't got much to say.
(As opposed to these other power-packed entries) So,...................................Goodnight. P.S. my favorite news person is Bryant Gumble.

Feb., 23, 1984 Thurs.
Today I went to school. not much happened. I found out I get to go to my friend's birthday party. We'll go skating, too. I get to get my hair cut first, though. I'm excited about both. I almost finished my American History Worksheet and I just started it today. This is how my schedule goes:
1st Lang. Arts
2nd Gym/Study Hall
3rd Band
4th Speech/creative drama
5th Am. History
6th Science
7th Math
This evening Mom and I went to this goat lady's house.

Fri., Feb. 24, 1984
One more day till the party and my hair cut. The goat lady I talked about's name is Renee Pope. Her goats have alot of babys. My friend who's having the party is Staci Brous. My friend Nancy Epple likes this guy but he doesn't know her. She writes him notes and signs them "Your secret admirer." She gives him clues each time. I like to read the notes she writes. She asked him to write back and told them to put it in a friends locker. I can't wait to hear what he writes!

Ok, I'm going to have mercy on you unsuspecting souls. You gave me the benefit of the doubt that this might be interesting. But alas, you were wrong. So rather than continue, I'll tell you in brief: I mentioned a boy here or there...that I liked them...that they didn't like me...that I was in sports...how I did...etc. But it was all with the same bored-out-of-my-brain style you've already waded through. So as my initial entries said................signing off!


Sunshine said...

Sorry Hill, but you can count on me to be very entertained with these. You remind me so much of me back then (minus the goat lady...though we had a sheep lady).

You are so thoughtful and kinda deep-ish for your age. I think my entries went a little something like this...

I love Donny I love Donny I love Donny I love Donny... Donny is HOT... Donny + Sunshine... I love D.C.... Sunshine Angeliqe Carroll I love Donny soooooooooooo much...And so on and so on.

Yours is better. ;D

Hillary said...

LOL, Mrs. Carroll. Hee hee hee. Yeah, I never EVER even THOUGHT anything like that. Nooooooo. I'm deep, baby.

Well, I might just entertain you a bit more. We'll see. I'm home with a child who uhhhh participated in reverse-peristalses about seven or eight times since 2 this morning. So yeah, we'll be home. And if I can keep my eyes open, I might just do some typing of the old diaries.

Who knows, I might get around to other stuff here, too. Or you know...nap. :)

Dee said...

I will have to go dig out my diaries... but maybe not publish them. I do remember one documented the death of my first horse, and re-reading it kind of made me stop doing a diary... it was too sad.

Yet a blog is really a diary, isn't it? The difference is EVERYONE can read it.

Hillary said...

I wouldn't have thought of sharing these old things if Kristen hadn't asked me to mail them to her, lol. I don't think it would have been worth the postage.

I think boredom usually made me give up keeping a diary. I got tired of thinking up something worth writing. And every time I write in a journal or diary, I read the last thing I wrote and I think I started getting a bit discouraged about what I was writing, so I'd stop...until I got the urge again.

Sunshine said...

P.S. I have a little award thingy for you over at my place

Hillary said...

Oh boy, oh boy! I'm a-comin'! Thank ya, girlie.