Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Hill Diaries...continued...

Again...my comments "nowadays" are in regular type. The old diary is in italics.

Friday, 3-27-81
Tonight something wonderful happened! A premature baby goat was born and I get to keep it (her). I feed It every two hours out of a real baby bottle.

Well, I'm still working on her (baby goat), and she is improving.

Sunday 3-29-81
Well, another good, wonderful thing has happened! The goat tryed standing up by itself, and it almost did. I am so proud of the goat.

Mon., 3-30-81
Something bad happened, the goat died.

Friday 5-8-81
We just arrived back from our vacation. We went to the Capitol, Wash. D.C. We went in to the capitol Bldg. It was beautiful, all the chandeliers. We went to Yorkstown. We went thro Il., Kent., W.Va., Va., Maryland. We went to Chesepeake bay, also. We went to the Gateway Arch, and they closed when we got there.

Time passes and on the next page we find...

Monday, July 2, 1984
Sorry Diary. I'm not gonna use ya till I get in college or get married.

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