Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Should Have Been a Singer

Don't laugh at me. I should have! NOT A Capella...because I like to jump to a variety of keys if I have no accompaniment. And then there's a little...wait, strike that, ... BIG problem I have with timing and rhythm. But I should have been a singer.

I'm tellin' ya. I'm a real pied piper. If I sing...they come.

You think I'm joking. Today, my girls were playing "office" in Alli's room. Alli was apparently giving some career counseling to Megan, from what I heard. (She found out Megan is good at making sandwiches and recommended she try working for Subway.) I headed for the kitchen, thinking I'd clean when I saw the cd player sitting there...and I KNEW what was in it. I couldn't resist. I went over and pumped up the volume and began singing and dancing to the soundtrack from Mamma Mia! I was having the time of my life and convincing my children that I am among the stranger creatures on the planet. I went boogeying down the hall and began lip-synching as I peeked around the corner of the career counselor's doorway. At first I just got smiles from the counselor and giggles from her client. I headed back to the kitchen. But it was too much fun to have alone, so back down the hall I went and I began more lip-synching and peeking into the counselor's office. This time Little Miss Counselor said, somewhat politely, "Mom, you're interrupting." Her client just laughed and did some lip-synching of her own. Ooooookay, back to the kitchen. It was better in there anyway; the music was louder.

Confession: I didn't pay much heed to my chastisement for interrupting. Nope, I went right back down that hall repeatedly because you just can't stop the music sometimes.

But finally, along came "The Dancing Queen." You can't lip-synch to "The Dancing Queen." No way, Jose. You have to belt it out. It's the only way. So I did. Megan couldn't take it anymore and came running down the hall to sing and dance along. Alli, still the career counselor, tried to maintain her professional image and stayed in her office, until I finally cried out, "Come on, Alli! You KNOW you want to!" And vrooooooooooooooooooooooom, out came Alli.

I was thrilled. Now we could REALLY have fun...or so I thought.

But I was wrong.

Alli shot right past me and............

turned off the music.

That does it. Tomorrow I'm breaking out "Music & Lyrics."

She'll wish she'd danced.


Sunshine said...

I am so going out and buying "Mama Mia" tomorrow! :)

Great little glimpse into your day. :)

Hillary said...

You'll notice there was NO public golf course involved.....and no colleagues.

Liesl said...

Hill, we can live together. I am the same way, and my son goes "will you stop singing????". That's why I have the ABBA CD in my car, so I can do it while in traffic, at great enjoyment and laughters from other drivers and passengers.
Oh, you should see their faces when I belt out Quando me'n vĂ²... LOL

FarmGirl said...

I am so JEALOUS! I saw that you have seen the movie, but I have life just has not been cooperating! I am now singing ABBA and I am happy happy happy! You may be the pied piper, but I am the dancing queen! (I wonder if traffic driving by, as I am at work...oops...can see me dancing) Thanks Miss Hillary for turning a boring Thursday into an ABBA getaway!! ;)

Jen said...

Good for you, keep dancing. It is so great when we can be happy and silly with our kids.
BTW, thanks for visiting me from SITS.