Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again!

Hello folks. Sorry I've been away. We'll chalk up the absense to the circus I call life...and my brain needing some rest.

I got on here last night, wanting to blog, but had not a single thought in my head worth posting. I woke up this morning, wanting to blog, but again couldn't think of anything blog-worthy. Later in the afternoon, I contemplated it dice. Then I pulled up an email that had some things that my good buddy, Kristen, suggested I blog about. They were good topics...and will make their way here one day before long, but I wasn't quite in the jovial mood that they require. And if I'm going to write about them, I've got to do them justice. They've got to be as insane as the experiences themselves were, or what's the point in sharing?!

But FINALLY, just a bit ago, a thought came (and I owe it to Kristen...even though she didn't suggest it for's still her fault). So fasten your belts, the train's leaving the station....

Those of you who've read my first blog entries and many of you who just know KNOW how crazy I am about the movie "Mamma Mia!" I love that it's making it big in the movies, but people!! STOP going to see it so it can come out on video, doggone it!! Every time I have some alone time, I'm SORELY tempted to go and see it again. I'm...addicted almost. Ok, completely. The soundtrack cd just isn't enough.

I have gone several weeks now without caving in and going to see it again, but the temptation still rears its ugly (yet delightfully melodic) head.

What does it have to do with Kristen? Why do I get to blame her? I'm so glad you asked. Last night she and I were talking on the phone and what does she do? She informs me that they've now released "Mamma Mia! The Sing Along" in select theaters. And as I googled to see when it was released and looked to see if a "select theater" was near me, I found that it wasn't at my usual theater. What does she do? She suggests a website to further my quest. I go to fandango-dot-com and voila! I found it!! It's in my city!!

So the tempation continues. And NOW I have a fantastic reason to see the movie again. I mean, after all, I've NEVER been to an adult sing-along movie in a theater before...or anywhere else for that matter. So now I just HAVE to go. I need to belt out, "YOU CAN DANCE**! YOU CAN JIVE!" and "YES I'VE BEEN BROKEN HEARTED; BLUE SINCE THE DAY WE PARTED! MAMMA MIA!!" with other people who are just as crazy as I am. How could I pass up an opportunity like that? It will be like......a cultural experience. It will be like being IN a musical all my own!! SHOOT! I can even pretend to be the star, lol!

Come on, know you want to, too. Give in to the temptation and attend the sing-along. It'll be fun!

**Notice I did not say "*I* can dance." There's really really good reason for that. But we'll save that for another day.


Sunshine said...

Oh Hill, I *so* get you! Sorry about the after Midnight call (not that sorree, cuz I kinda knew you'd be awake...ha ha), but you KNOW I had to share my Mama Mia excitement!

You KNOW I'm gonna be blogging about this and adding Abba songs left and right to my music player and posting pics of Pierce (siiiiigh) and I don't care what they say...I *love* the fact that he can't sing like *some* people we know...that makes him even MORE loveable. Yipes! I'm in love with Pierce Brosnan! (doube siiiiigh)

AND I wanna be Meryl Streep (am I even spelling these names right???)! I do, I do! I want her hair, her overalls, her voice...I wanna fall out of holes in goat barns and land on an air mattress *just like that* and I want to sing ABBA songs all day long (all dramatically and stuff, but not like overdone, but perfect, cuz it's Meryl), on the top of some breathtaking hill in the Greek Isles (is that where it was??? O.M.Goodness I *have* to go there--and ride a donkey in that same wedding dress). And for sure singing all choked up to Pierce (please)and have him look at ME like that. Oy.

Where am I? Where the flip am I?

So sorry, didn't mean to blog over here...I'll probably have to copy and paste this over to my blog, so don't be surprised when you see it again! O.k. I'm off to Google handsome fellas who do their best to hit the high notes, but look *amazing* with their shirt unbuttoned pretty far down(and I'm not even an unbutton your shirt kind of gal) in that crisp whit shirt. Lord help me.

Sunshine said...

P.S. I'm all over that sing-a-long!!!

Mummy said...

That sounds awesome Hill - reminds me of the singalonga sound of music that we have here in the UK....most people go in fancy dress too!!! You'd love it! lol

Hillary said...

Aw geez, Mummy, now I've got to save for a trip to the UK so I can go to another singalong!! :)

Sunshine, I'm so glad you share my Mamma Mia craze! And of all the things that Pierce (yes you spelled his and Meryl's names right all over the place)...of all the things that he did in the movie, the very best was him just standing and listening to Meryl sing. And I agree about the shirt...and I'm not the unbutton your shirt kind of gal either. But man! It works for him. LOL

Of course I also liked it when Mr. Suave-Pierce cued the little band in the chapel to play the music for his proposal. That was stinkin' hilarious. Sure, he should have been slapped for being that corny after Meryl sang so gloriously, but THAT song fit him well!

And yeah, he doesn't sing like someone we know, but that's good. A woman can only faint a certain amount of times in one life and I'm very near the max. I want to save all my extras for future GP sightings. :D