Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Little Things Mean a Lot

We've all heard the saying, "Little things mean a lot." But you know...it shouldn' t be "a saying." It's just way too true. Its being a saying kind of cheapens the idea. And so...I OBJECT. (I can do that, you know.)

Little things mean a lot. They do to me. And if you admit it, they do to you, too.

Think of a day when you're stressed out, or frustrated, or discouraged about any number of things. Something small can trigger a blow up OR something small can be like a balm to your soul.

It's true. It happened to me today. Not the blowing up part...the balm part...which shouldn't be confused with the bomb part, because the bomb part would be the blowing up part and that's not the part I'm talking about. Follow?

Today was one of those challenging sorts of days for me. Well, not ALL day, but the afternoon was. I had a doctor's appointment that I wanted to go to...it was for good...and I DIDN'T want to go to, all at the same time. So I felt solemn. I felt nervous. Not freaked out, just less than uhhhhh yippy-skippy.

But the appointment went fine. There really wasn't reason to be nervous. A few prescriptions and I was on my way. The little thing that meant a lot??? The doctor gave me samples for TWO of the prescriptions. It eased a financial burden...or at least post-poned it. And that meant a lot to me. It eased a little teeny bit of stress AND I recognized it as one of the little ways that God blesses me and provides for me...and that made it mean even more.

I left the doctor's office and had some other things to deal with. Some financial things that frustrated me even more. Darn this economy! Ok, ok, not the economy. Darn me! Foolish bird-brain in this head. But I was straightening out some ill-advised spending I'd done. Specifically, I was exchanging a necessity for a much better priced, though not nearly as snazzy item. You know, shoving aside "wants" to do what is "wise." And that is good and as it ought to be, but it was also a bit frustrating...and humbling.

What was the little thing that meant a lot? As I left the store, I was a good ways from the door when a lady approached from the outside. She saw me coming...and although she could have easily walked in and let the door close without being the least bit rude because I had plenty far still to go to get there...she stood holding the door and smiling. I didn't have ANYTHING in my hands. I didn't look incapable in anyway. The lady just did it to be kind. Maybe I looked as humbled as I felt at that moment. Who's to say? But for whatever reason, the lady held the door and it made me feel warm inside. Like someone cared...and for nothing in return. She was just giving of herself. And I know she was only giving a few seconds of her day, but she gave them to me, a stranger. And as she did, I saw it, again, as one of the ways God reaches out to me. And it meant even more.

Little things mean a lot.

They do.

They really do.

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Mummy said...

That's so very true Hill. (((HUGS)))