Saturday, October 18, 2008

Come Again??? as opposed to Come Again!!

Ok, so I said I'd be back with some serious business...way bigger than Mamma Mia. I said it two days ago, so I'm a little slow getting back, but I'm here now. And frankly I wasn't in the mood to share my "steamed up" opinion, because, well, I was moody. And I don't want this steam to be tooooooooooooooooo serious. I know...makes no sense. So what's new about that?

Months ago, Greg the Great and Magnificent Magician of Yore, MC'd the Australian Inland Tourism Awards. (I might have left a word out somewhere in that title, because it was quite long, but anyway...). After the awards were over I started watching their website, waiting for photos of the event to be posted. There was a little blurb on their site saying to "watch this space" because photos were coming soon. So I watched that space. Weeks passed and I was beginning to wonder about their definition of soon, so I ever-so-politely wrote to inquire about the posting of these photos. I explained that I'm a huge fan of Greg who MC'd their event. I received a very kind reply from a lady saying that she was just waiting for the photos to come from the photographer. I figured that was the last I'd hear from her. She'd answered my question and that was that. So I thanked her and continued to watch the space.

More weeks passed. And some more. And some more. I kept watching that space. And that space wasn't changing.

Then this past Thursday, I received another email from the same lady. Now before I really go into all this, let me first clarify that I thought it was EXTREMELY gracious of the lady to send me another email. She'd already answered my inquiry and was under no obligation to tell me anything more. She was incredibly nice. (And I must say that any Aussies I've written businessy inquiries to have been extremely gracious, too. I've had some go way out of their way...on real goose chases...just to satisfy an inquiry I've had...that was for NO profit for them. They were just being extremely kind.)

But the message the lady had to sent me reeling. Are you ready for this? ::deeeep breath:: I'm not. No wait, I am. No, I'm not. Yes, I am. Ok, I'm not but I'll do it anyway.

I CAN do this, painful as it may be. She said that she had been waiting for photos from one more board member and that "regretfully" there were...... I can't say it.

Cover your eyes.

Grab some tissues.

She said there were none of Greg. ::sob:: NONE!! Of GREG!!! NONE OF GREG????!!!

Dee, honey, look away. CRUEL, CRUEL, AUSTRALIANS!! How can you be in the same room as Greg Page, have a camera, and NOT take his picture??? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU FOLKS???? He was the M.C., for crying out loud! How can he NOT be in the photos?? HOW CAN YOU NOT TAKE PHOTOS OF GREG???!!

It's like having the Hope Diamond and never looking at it.

It's like having chocolate and not even tasting it!!!

It's like...It's like seeing Greg and not taking his photo!!! (Incredibly similar, that one.)

It''s....well...It's wrong, that's what it is. I demand a re-do. I beg. I weep. Pleeeeeeeeeeease. Get out your cameras and try again. I mean, shoot! he did an impromptu Wiggly song at the request of the audience and NO ONE TOOK A PHOTO????

I shall never get over this one. I recommend a load of psychiatrists visit your island/continent/country and begin some intense psychotherapy. This can't continue.

Wait. I volunteer to be one of those psychiatrists. Never mind I have no degree. I'm up for this.

And I'm bringing my camera!


Dee said...

Oh dear... I did not look away...

On behalf of all Aussies, I apologise profusely... I am amazed too, what a scoop that photographer could have had, a non-wiggle Greg photo - is he INSANE? The money he could have sold it for!

I wonder if he did take one and just did not forward it to them, thinking it was *gasp* not important.

Oh the HORROR!!!!!!

Hillary said...

Oh the HORROR!! Oh the heartbreak!! You forgot the heartbreak.


Sunshine said...

I'm pretty heartbroken over here too. Just so you know...;D

Hillary said...

I tried to break it to you gently, Sunshine. There was just no good way to say it.

Hillary said...

It's actually even worse than that. She didn't just check with "the photographer." She apologized for it taking so long because she was waiting for photos from one of their board members! So apparently she checked with more than the official photographer and there were literally NO PHOTOS OF GREG.

::sigh:: I KNEW I should have gone!

Rena said...

Hi Hillary -- just stopping by. That's really sad there were no pictures taken of Greg. It really is a shame.

Hillary said...

Hey Rena,

Thanks for stopping by. I know I was being melodramatic, but it really is sad, isn't it?