Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another Weekend Wasted

And so ends another weekend. I accomplished a bit, but none of it was related to cleaning my house. And none of it involved lesson plans. So it looks like a late night of laundry and lesson planning. And that's okay. It's my own fault for living foolishly this weekend.

This is my least favorite time of the week. It's the time I kick myself for the same ridiculous decisions I made last weekend. On Fridays I get in my mind a bunch of things I should do for school...and there's always a very obvious list of things at home. Friday night about bedtime I am gung-ho about getting things done. Saturday morning I'm all about sleeping in. Then I get up to see what's gone on in cyberspace while I slept. Then if I don't have the girls, I waste a BUNCH of time online before running some errands like grocery shopping or...ohhhh, I don't know, taking a nap. It's so quiet that time passes without me paying a whole lot of attention to it. And frankly, my mind just craves for Saturday to be FREE. Along comes evening and I find I've done nothing, but think, "Why start this late?....Tomorrow after chuch, I'll get busy." And you can imagine how Sunday goes. I won't bore you with it.

But it's that time ... again.

And to polish off this glorious evening, I just returned from a Christian Financial Counseling seminar. Sunshine, did you pray this onto me??? It is actually really going to be a good thing...the best thing. But oh how I hate to even think of finances. If I could afford it, I'd hire someone to manage it all for me. But then, if I could afford it, maybe I wouldn't mind thinking about it all, lol.

Okay...the laundry and lesson plans are a-callin'. I'd better get outta here.


Dee from Downunder said...

I wish I could waste weekends like that... would not even feel guilty - maybe

Sunshine said...

Hey girl! LOL about the financial class! Is it Dave's? I honestly think EVERYONE should take his class. I hate that we didn't take this class the year we got married. THAT would have been smart. Better late than never though. I totally wish I had Dave Ramsey on speed dial now.

I guess I should say I'm sorry about your unproductive weekend, but napping just sounds way too good to me. Sorry--can't help you out there. ;D

Hillary said...

Dee, I really shouldn't. You'd feel downright sorry for my house. Poor neglected thing.

Sunshine, no the class is done by a local organization. The founder was in banking for 30 years but now runs this organization. He talked about how churches tell us to tithe, tithe, tithe...and that they should...but they never tell us how to live on the remaining 90%. He said that the topic talked about most in the Bible (next to God's love) is finances and yet we don't look to the Bible for advice. We haven't gotten to the practics yet. The two sessions we had yesterday were on spiritual principles. The next three Wednesdays will be practics. One interesting thing he said last night was that we never make financial decisions as Christians; we make SPIRITUAL decisions about financial matters. That one made me go hmmmmmmmmmm.

And now, I'm outta here. It's 10pm and I'm going to bed as if I were sane instead of sticking around another couple hours.

Mummy said...

Don't kick yourself Hill. I do the exact same thing every day... I have no excuse, I'm at home every day and the house still looks like a bomb site. In fact as I'm typing this now I should realyl be hoovering, dusting, tidying you name it. but am I? Nope. I try to do an hour a day now, so that I've at least done something but by the time I've got the kitchen clean the hours nearly gone so the rest of the house is still a tip. If only I ENJOYED cleaning!

Hillary said...

Yeah, Mummy, if only.

And thanks. :)

Sunshine said...

Did you know your election post is not working? I can see it on my blog roll thingy, but when I click on it, it says it doesn't exist.

Just so you know...

Hillary said...

Yeah, Sunshine, I know. It quit working when I deleted it. LOL

I decided that part of it was a little more blustery than I wanted. I was writing it when I was ticked off at everything imaginable...some things with cause...others with just a problem of perspective. I wish I'd just edited it now, because there were some things I liked, too. But I thought it prudent to just zap it, so I did. (Or I might have been lazy.)