Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I teach kindergarten. But most of you guys know that...if not all, seeing as how it doesn't appear that I've got an ever expanding readership. lol Is that a word? Of course it would help if I'd manage to get over to other blogs and you others. I'm so bad. Forgive me guys! I will get to your blogs. I enjoy them when I get there, but I am the queen of procrastination. (Sheesh, I started to type "the cream of procrastination.") ANYWAY... What was I saying? Oh yes, I'll get back out there and reading. I WILL!

On Monday of this week I was beginning a math lesson. I always use my document camera (which is basically like an opaque projector...lay a paper down on the cart, the camera "sees" it...the camera is connected to a regular projector which shines it on the board.) Anyway, I walked up to the board to pull down the screen on which I shine the projected material. Now, I have the nice new shiny shiny projector that is ultra cool. But the screen I use is older than I am. And it behaves much the same as those roll down blinds we all used to have on our windows as kids. You know the ones. You pull it down and unless you get it just right it will fly right back up to the top. Over and over, sometimes. For months I've battled with this screen. For months it was my exercise program. Instead of touching my toes, I stood up, bent down, stood up, bent down, etc., multiple times (like 20ish) before it would catch. Then, among the minor miracles of Christmas, sometime in December I started getting it on the first try almost every single time. And when I didn't get it the first time, I'd get it in two to three, tops. Well, Christmas is over. SO over...maybe not in my heart....and maybe not in my living room...but it's definitely over where my screen is concerned. Monday I tried to pull the thing down. Up it went. Down again. Up it went. Repeat about 20 times. Listen to the giggles of the kids who think it's hilarious. Of course it's probably because they're laughing at my hair flying up and down every time I bend and straighten. But whatever. FINALLY, on the 67th try, it stays down. Before I could heave a sigh of relief, out of the relative quiet comes the sweetest little voice, FILLED with his own relief, "THANK YOU, JESUS!!" I laughed so hard. Now I take my Jesus very seriously and it really and truly sounded like a prayer, but it was soooo adorable and came from the cutest and quietest little guy.

It was priceless.

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Dee from Downunder said...

Thats so cute!
Maybe you need to get a little hook to attach the bottom of the screen to. My girl would be in hysterics watching that.