Friday, March 6, 2009

Well, well, well

It is high time I got myself back over here. I don't know WHY I stay away from a place I enjoy so much. It's that blasted facebook and my lack of discipline. I just love the instant connection of facebook. And here, it is delayed connection. But I love blogland. I do. So here I sit.

Lots and lots going on in my head and in my life right now, although I don't think a lot of it is blog-worthy...or maybe just not blog-ready. One day soon I'll get back in here and get some fun blogging going. I could grace you with stories of my first date ever. Or how about a little story about a guy named George. Believe me, dangling these topics is probably more interesting than the actual incidents but I'll try to spruce them up a bit in the telling.

Things are looking good for Meg to go to the little Christian Academy I went and visited. In fact it's looking like it MIGHT be possible to put Allison in there, too. I really like the idea. Would love it even more if I could actually be home with them on Tuesday and Thursdays if they get into the school. But Mom says she's going to come live with us and that will provide someone to be with them those two days each week...if I can work that out with their dad...which quite frankly stresses me. I've got some ideas that I think will be absolutely THE BEST for the girls but I worry that he might not see things the way I do. I'm hoping though...and praying.

Oh did I mention I get to have "The Talk" with my eldest soon. This is the year that they give TMI to children in school, so I'd like to go ahead and gross her out in the privacy of our home where she can hurl and spew if she so desires without her peers watching. I hate that my child is 10 and yet will have the info sprung on her, so I think I'll take the sting out the best I can. My 8 year old is begging that I fill her in on everything too. Of course I will...3 years from now...or later if I get them both into the little school I'm hoping to. Maybe they'll let them live in wonder a little longer than public school.

Hmmm...Tuesday is ultrasound day..which reminds me that I TOTALLY need to blog about mammogram day because quite frankly, there are some myths that need to be destroyed. And I, Hill the Myth Destroyer, plan to do it. Besides, mammograms are just downright a way that gave me temporary high blood pressure. But I'll save that for tomorrow when I'm trying to avoid folding laundry and cleaning my kitchen and writing lesson plans.

Sorry I've been laying low so long. I'm coming to hit your blogs SOOOOON. And I'm SO getting back to FX4. Fun like that should not be skipped.

Until tomorrow.......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......


Sunshine said...

Happy for you guys and the school. I'll be praying specific for that.
And other things...

And pleeeease let me know how "the talk" goes. Wait don't. No, do. Okay, do. :)

Dee from Downunder said...

Your mum is coming to live with you??Theres a story to blog about.

Good news re the school - I hope it works out

Hillary said...

Thanks Sunshine. I'll let you know. Maybe it will be fun enough for a blog, lol.

Dee, thank you. And I will go into Mom's move sometime soon.

Mummy said...

It all sounds like positive steps, Hill. I'll be vibing for you. Lots of love. xx

Hillary said...

Thanks, Mummy. ;)