Thursday, July 23, 2009

Famous Firsts

Ok, maybe not so "famous," but a first anyway. I guess instead of writing about it, I should be ashamed, but be it as it may, tomorrow will be a first for me.

A couple days ago I told my girls to each invite a friend to go to the movies with us tomorrow and to spend the night at our house. I've NEVER had my girls invite anyone over. I've been a lazy mama. I've been ... apprehensive. I've been ... a dud.

But tomorrow we're doing it. We're going to see G-Force and then they're spending the day playing together...and one of them is staying over for the night.

It doesn't make for much of a blog...but I've got to get started again. (I've been saying that for waaaaay too long.)


Dee from Downunder said...

So how did it go??? I need tips. For the future... waaaaay in the future...

Hillary said...

The sleep over went really really well. One girl didn't spend the night but did spend the whole day. I think it helped that they both had a good friend because there was no "odd man out." .....always keep even numbers, lol.