Sunday, January 1, 2012

Change, Change, Change

I like to blog when I feel like I have some profound lesson to share...or something I find entertaining so I can be silly and funny. But somehow my brain hasn't lately (and by lately I mean the last year or two)...hasn't lately been in a really creative mode. Perhaps because I seldom sit alone where I can get creative. Perhaps because I just haven't jumped in and written. At any rate, I miss the blogging, so I'm sitting down and getting with it...whether it's really worthy of sharing or not.

Today is the first day of 2012. In the last few years my life has changed by leaps and bounds. First dating after at least 15 years since a date. Getting remarried. My mom lived with me during those dating years because my girls needed a chauffeur to their school when they got too old to attend the one at which I was teaching. Then Mom moved away when I got married. Change, change, change. Oh and let's not forget a girl entering adolescence and her younger sister tight on her heels. Change, change, change. I turned 40. Change, change, chang(gggggr)e. I resigned from my teaching job. I started working in Guy's office. Change, change. I got my motorcycle license...and my motorcycle. Change, yeehaw, change. And now, because all of that was not enough change...I'm going to tackle another biggie. It's a goodie, though. In roughly two weeks I will begin the first course in my master's degree. I'm returning to school to get my master's in professional counseling degree from Liberty University. It will be a lot of work on top of what life already is, but I'm excited about it! I honestly...with no dramatics about it...believe that God has called me to do this. I believe that Liberty is the school I need to attend to get the knowledge and skills necessary to really help some people. Because let's face it, we have some hurting people in our world. I know. I see them in my own family. I see one in my own mirror. But by the grace of God, I know that can change. I know people can heal. I know that they can do more than survive...they can really and truly live. And I'd like to do what I can to help them do just that.

So here's to a year, with the changes and challenges it will inevitably bring. Our God is great...and greater than anything we face. So change? Bring it on.


Candy Purcell said...

I am so proud of you, and wish you all of the happiness that you deserve in life.

Hillary said...

Thank you, Candy.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad for you! That is a wonderful ambition and it is so nice that the Lord is finally allowing you to fulfill some of your dreams after so many years of helping your daughters and students discover theirs. And you even have someone to share it with and help you along the way. It's so beautiful. I bet someday you will be posting about how you have helped so many people find healing in the Lord that you are writing a book about it all. Or maybe it will be a romance novel - who knows? So happy for you. Be blessed.

Hillary said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments, Famaddict!