Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Frogs Freak Me Out!

Ok, so we weathered the tropical storm the night before last. Apparently a small critter took refuge in our garage...and who can blame him? That's a lot of rain...even if you ARE an amphibian.
This photo was taken out in the garage. The clothes you see at the sides of the photo are on the rack where I hang my laundry when I pull it out of the dryer. In the background you see the drawers of my dresser stacked (I'm storing it in the garage until I can sell it...I think). But look at that nasty creature perched on the drawer's edge!

I couldn't live with the thought of it touching me...or worse yet, hiding out in my garage for a sneak attack. So I went to the kitchen and got a grocery bag...plastic. My girls were asleep and I didn't want them to wake up to my screams, so I was trying to remain calm.

Not easy.

I walked out to the garage with the bag puffed open, opening down and I slowly lowered it somewhat over the frog. As I predicted the frog hopped into the which point I DROPPED the bag.

Try not to focus on the fact that I dropped the bag, but focus on my success at NOT screaming!

The frog was still inside the bag so I reached down, scared silly, and closed the bag and lifted it. So far, so good. (And I'm being generous with the term "good" here.) I carried it into the house, across the living room to the front door, opened the door, (all the while the frog is jumping every which way inside the bag...guess it was freaked, too)... and I managed to get the bag opened AWAY FROM ME and after a bit of shaking (the bag, NOT me, lol)...I got the frog out.

I am SO glad I saw the frog before it jumped on me. The screams would have been heard round the world.


Sunshine said...

Oh my gooooosh! How cute is he????? Yes, it's a "he"...I've already named him--"Prince".

I could really picture that by the way! ;D

Hillary said... canNOT adore the thing that makes my blood run cold.

Ya traitor.

Next thing I know you'll tell me you love the ocean.

Aye yay yay....or however ya spell it!

Dee said...

Be thankful you dont live in the country where they come up the septic tank into the toilet..... not turning the light on at night.... now THATS a scream to wake the dead

Liesl said...

Ewwww. You were brave, I would have probably called 911 "come and get this monster!" LOL

Sunshine said...

Sorry...I do love the ocean. I like looking and hearing and smelling it way better than going in it. There's sharks in there. Does that help?

Hillary said...

dee, I am VERY thankful for that! YIKES!

liesl, ew is right! And LOL@monster!

Sunshine, it helps that you don't like to go in it. But still...the OCEAN??!! ::deeeeeeeep breath...and off to take a sedative::