Wednesday, August 20, 2008


My girls spend every other weekend at their dad's house and have done this for about 6 years now. Every night that they are at my house, he calls to talk to them. Every night they're at his house, I call to talk to them. And for several years, every phone call I had with my eldest ended not just with "bye bye," but with "Night-night-I-love-you-bye-bye!" She would rattle it off as if it were one huge word sometimes.

Well a little less than a year into this schedule of the girls spending weekends at their dad's, I happened to take a trip. The girls were spending the couple days I was gone with some close friends. It was a treat for them, while I was getting to have a fun weekend myself. Nothing like a sleepover with your bestest friends.

Anyway, I had gone to Las Vegas (no, not into gambling) to see Greg Page in concert. (Not familiar with him? Check out the linkie on the side.) He was the original Yellow Wiggle, but was doing some solo singing with the TCB Band for two nights in Vegas. I went out to see the shows and for the chance to meet him. If you've read much of my blog you've already gotten some glimpses of that weekend, and doubtless more will come at one time or another.

Anyway, one morning...the morning of the evening of his first show (sorry, I can't word that any simpler!) friends and I saw him. Ok, yes we were trying to see him, but that's beside the point, ha ha.

I asked him if he'd mind saying hello to my oldest who was then only four and a BIG Wiggles fan. And he was her favorite...wearing her favorite color and...well...he rocks. Anyway, he was very gracious and said he would. So I called her up and got her on the phone and Greg took the phone and had a little conversation.

Now understand, Megan was a great conversationalist from the time she was tiny, but like many children she was VERY difficult to understand on the phone...especially with someone who is unfamiliar with her. But he hung in there and did his best to understand and talk to her for a few minutes.

Finally after he said goodbye to her and hung up the phone, he started laughing as he handed the phone back to me. He hadn't been able to understand much of what she said, but her "closing" was quite clear. He laughed and said, "She said, 'night-night-I-love-you-bye-bye!'"...which was funny at 9 in the morning.


Dee said...

Thats so cute! What a wonderful man Greg is. Love it.

Liesl said...

Loved it! I'm trying to imagine Greg's expression when he said that :)

Sunshine said...

HA HA! That's HILLarious (like how I did that?)! So next time you meet your friend in Oregon. I probably won't be the conversationalist (that is a huge word btw, and did I even spell it right?) your daughter is and pretty sure Greg wouldn't understand me either, cuz I'd be like...

So *me* OKAY? Ha ha...( call)

Hillary said...

liesl, it was that slightly puzzled but amused at the tiny tot. Good smile.

Sunshine, Sunshine, Sunshine. I KNEW there'd be a price to pay if I took your cell number. WHAT was I THINKING?! :D (And're so clever....LOVE your style.