Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Kickin'" Awards and Barbie-Dot-Com

Somewhere within the past year, my oldest, Meg, was playing games at "Everything Girl dot com." This site links into Barbie, Polly, and all kinds of good "dot coms."

Meg had made her way into Barbie dot com and was trying to play a game. It required that she make up a user i.d. and a password. No problem, right? Well, she put in an i.d. and when it prompted her for a password she decided to use the name of our then newly acquired dog, Pooh. However, the "h" on "Pooh" had no meaning for Meg, as is the case with many letters in many words where Meg is concerned, so in her own definitive style, she left it off. She typed in "Poo." A very tame word...not worthy of soap-in-the-mouth or hot sauce either, right? WRONG. An error page popped up that said, "We don't use that word at Barbie dot com." I nearly fell on the floor laughing. I guess Barbie is calling us all to a higher standard. It has become one of my favorite phrases. "We don't say that at Barbie dot com." I use it on my friend Ginny all the time. (She reminds me we aren't AT Barbie dot com, so she doesn't care, but I still remind her.)

Having said that, I must tell you all that in this case, Barbie and I are on the same page. It's hard for me to even say the word b.... b.... butt. I taste soap every time I try.

So in light of that, I would like to now address the "Kickin'" Awards my title is referring to.

My dear friend, Sunshine, has conferred upon me the honor of the "Kick-Batootie Blogger Award." However, if I join the club and use THEIR terminology, Barbie dot com will NEVER allow a link to my blog and what kind of mess would I find myself in THEN?? To be shunned by Barbie would be a thing most grave.

Let me be clear, though. Sunshine, I am most touched that you gave me the award and think that it's really awesome (like you). If I could blog half as well as you it would be sooooooooooo cool. (Check her out at She rocks!

And since I haven't gotten to read everybody yet and don't want to overlook any batootie-kickin' bloggers, rather than name 5 and link here there and everywhere, I'm going to name my favorite blogger in the world. The absolute best blogger of all time:

Greg Page

Don't tell me he doesn't even blog. How do you know? I sure don't know. And anyway, it doesn't matter. If he did, he'd shame us all.

Can you argue with that? Hmmmmm???


~~tonya~~ said...

Congrats on your award. Laughing out loud about the barbie password. Funny!!

mummy said...

bwahahahaha - I bet they don't use that at barbie dot come either! lol Congrats on the award anyway, Hill and I'm sure Freg blogs. Hey, why wouldn't he? x x

Hillary said...

::gasp:: Do you think Barb will shun me for "batootie"??

Sunshine said...

I know right? I totally typed "butt"! For shame! I KNOW! I tooooold yoooou...I'm only here to corrupt.

No seriously. I don't say "butt" either. It's on "our list" here in our home of "what not to say" can ask my girlies, I swear. We say "doopa". I promise. But I was just so excited to win something (I *never* win) and it was so exciting that someone was actually *reading* my blog in the first place that I got a little carried away and typed the "a" word. Not even "butt"...the "b" word. I know...I typed it a lot. But it was because I was caught up in the moment! It happens. I will pray about it tonight. But it *is* a flipping cool reward. Honestly, are pretty "Kick Doopa!"

Hillary said...

Thank you, Sunshine...AGAIN. :)

I thought/think it is pretty awesome to get the award, too. It made me feel really good. It's just a standard I'm trying to maintain. No language that will make Barbie shun me, lol. ;)

Sunshine said...

Hey girl! Okay, so I lost a little sleep last night over all the "a" words I was typing out. You'll be happy to know that I have edited my post. Thanks for saving me, girl.

Hillary said...

Well, I didn't mean to make you lose sleep. You're awesome, Sunshine. Sleep well tonight!