Sunday, August 10, 2008

One-Hour Photos Gone Wrong, Part 2

Showing the exquisite taste that makes her Sunshine, Sunshine has requested the photo(s) that were the object of the One-Hour expedition that went wrong. And I'm more than happy to oblige, of course.

I know it's hard to tell the difference but that really is me, NOT Johnny Cash. What can I say? I was feeling colorful.
I think this is the one I got autographed. It is framed and usually on my Wall O' Greg, but with painting my house, the Wall O' Greg is not up yet.
And in this one, I'm laughing my head off, because I said something stupid. Kristen told Greg to scrunch down so that she could get more of my dress in the shot. When he obliged, I said something like, "I feel so tall now!" He humored me with a chuckle and I laughed like a hyena. I'm sure it charmed all of Vegas. lol I MIGHT have been just a TEEEENY bit nervous.
Thank you, Sunshine, for giving me an excuse to share the photos. ::siiiigh:: Nothing like a stroll down memory lane.


Liesl said...

Greg looks groovy, but no news there. I thought you were going to tell the story of the water bottles. You know, the ones that are probably on your mantel? :)

Hillary said...

LOL the water bottles! Ah yes, now there's another story. We'll see. I don't know if "the world" at large is ready for that one. LOL

Dee said...

Great photos!

Sunshine said...

Look at you two all fancy pants (or should I say fancy RED shiny shirt and dress with a slit "up to here")! I couldn't even wear that kind of dress when I was fourteen. It's really not fair, Hill. You get to meet GREG and wear a dress like that!

Thanks so much! Even though it's 8:39 in the morn and I'm still in my pj's all bed head and everything (I kind of wish I had seen that all fresh and dressed, cuz you guys are looking so spiffy), I REALLY enjoyed it.

It's Greg after all. Who doesn't enjoy a little Greg? Actually that's a lot of Greg, cuz you know...he's TALL.

Hillary said...

Thanks, Dee and Sunshine.

Sunshine, that dress belonged to Kristen. She brought it along because some chick on the phone when she'd bought our tickets said that formal attire was required. We found out a little later that it was not, but we decided we wanted to be in the best duds possible.

I was a little afraid a nun might pop out and whack me wearing it, and now, looking back I wish I'd done a few million sit-ups before wearing it publicly, but it DID make me feel rather Cinderella-ish for the evening...which was cool.