Monday, August 11, 2008

Putting Mom's mind at ease...

My girls are a bit crazy. I don't know where they get it. Seriously, I have no idea where they get it; I still have all my crazy.

Today was my first day back working at school and after I was done, I went to pick the girls up from their dad. On the way home, they were letting their crazy free-fly.

They were being silly but it doesn't take but a moment for sisters to switch from silly to clobbering each other. So when Alli suddenly said, "If you do that again, I'll REALLY _______..." (I have no idea what the threat was going to be because I interrupted her by laying down the law. "Girls! There will be NO VIOLENCE!" THIS was followed by great gales of hilarity (i.e.- a giggle fit.) and a statement by my seven-year-old.

"Don't worry; we've never killed anyone........................................and we never will."

Hmmmmm.... ::patting self on back:: You've trained them well, Mom. Not a killer in the bunch.

What a relief. I guess that means y'all are safe. Feel free to can sleep with both eyes shut.


Mummy said...

Hehehehehe, bless them! I noticed they didn't rule out seriously maiming anyone though so I'll keep the one eye open for now! :)

Hillary said...

I'll working on the "no maiming" rule throughout their adolescence. lol