Monday, August 25, 2008

The Wall O'Greg

Those who know me really well know that I have quite the collection of photos I've collected of Greg Page...some of them from times I've met him and had photos taken with him...some from newspapers, etc. Zillions of them are on disks (multiple backups, of course, lol), but I have a good number of them framed and hanging on a wall in my room. I reserve the living room, hallway, and dining room, to put all kinds of photos of our family and my girls...and bring a few of them into my room, too, but I always reserve a wall in there for "The Wall O'Greg" (as my good friend, "Squooshy" named it, lol.)

Well "The Wall" is usually the first "decorative touch" I make when I move into a new abode. But this year I had several reasons (I won't bother with going into) that kept me from bothering to do anything in my own room. Truth be told, I was slow to put any decorations up anywhere, but EXTRA slow in my own room.

Anyway, yesterday I attacked my room, and MAN does it look attacked...and not in a good way. Except for "The Wall." I put it up yesterday. I've still got about ten more framed photos I need to add to it, but I think I'll group them in another corner of my room...or a different wall.
ANYWAY, I decided that SINCE I forgot to participate in the Friday Foto Finish Fiesta (I forget what order those words go in, lol), that I would share a photo today instead. And that photo is going to be my "Wall O'Greg."

And just for the record...that wall is RED...not purple...not maroon. It's red...not Ok, MAYBE cranberry. But it was SUPPOSED to be RED.

And for those who also know the tales...that "centerpiece" holds the notorious "water bottles"...and that would be the "bowling ball" from Greg's Aussie tour.


Dee said...


Sunshine said...

Um...I think I signed (or someone signed it for me) that bowling ball! Or was it a pin???? ;D

Too funny! I mean...w.o.w. Love the purple wall too!

Ha know I kid...right? (wink wink)

Hillary said...

It's too early morning right now...I can't remember her name! I can see her face and everything, but can't remember her name. But yes, "someone" took a bowling PIN to Greg with little autographs from tons of boardies. But she also took a bowling BALL to him and asked him to sign it for me. (UGH! It's the whole "missing paper" scenario all over again. I WILL remember her name. Dang it.)

Glad you love my purple wall. *smack* lol

Hillary said...

AUGH! Too quick on the click!

Dee! Thank you. :)