Monday, August 25, 2008

I KNOW it's here! AAUUGGHH!

Ever lose something? Even something that might not matter too much? When I do (and it's more often than I'd like to admit), it drives me crazy!

Tonight it wasn't me. It was Meg. She had a math worksheet and she'd had it out on the table, calling her uncle, grandma, and aunts to ask a question so she could fill out a graph to represent her data.

We interrupted the project to eat dinner. After dinner was over, Meg went back to her work and got ahold of one of her aunts to get more info. But she couldn't find the paper. And so the search began.

We searched EVERYWHERE, Meg and I. Alli knew we were searching but didn't really join in. She was enjoying the fruit of her labor. Translation: she got her homework done in time to cozy down with a video. But Meg and I searched. Meg, surprisingly, was not too upset about the missing paper. I wasn't upset, but I'd JUST seen it. I KNEW it was here. So I searched.

I looked under beds, in the refrigerator, the freezer, in cabinets, under furniture, in closets, in pockets (in case it got folded), in folders, through backpacks, in the garage, through garbage, in the bathrooms...I mean E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E.

Finally there wasn't much to do but resign to the fact that it was lost. So Meg headed in to do her reading. But I couldn't let go. I kept thinking (and saying,) "I KNOW it's here!" So I continued searching...through everything I'd already searched, and it was then that Alli came through the kitchen. Assuming the answer would be "no," I asked Al, "You didn't pick her paper up, did you?"

She whirled around with the HUGEST smile on her face and said, "NOW I REMEMBER! I hid it from Megan!!" At first I thought she was being sarcastic and was about to say, "Ha ha, very funny," when she whirled and headed for her room. Then I knew she was serious.

She had taken it and hidden it from Meg to see how worked up she'd get...and then despite our crazy hunting for it...she didn't remember until I flat out asked her if she'd taken it.

Oy! And they wonder why I'm crazy.


Dee said...

Ahh yes, been there. Miss 3 likes to hide stuff too, and only yesterday I was down at the road sorting through the garbage bin looking for a dora doll (she was found hidden in the house later)

Sunshine said...

Um...I'm totally stressed out now after reading that.


Hillary said...

Relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax, Sunshine. The paper's been found.

And LOL, Dee, at your sorting through the garbage for Dora.