Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I can't resist. This is the funniest commercial to me. The funniest I've seen in a really really long time. This "Phelps Phan" in the commercial (which you can view in my side bar)...this "Phan" is a kindred spirit. She's my kinda gal. She's...well...she's me.

Ok, I'm not a Phelps fan, but it's been rumored that I'm a bit of a zealous fan for some other guy. What was his name? What was his name??? (Scroll down through my blog and I THINK you might figure it out.)

I just can't resist this commercial. I watch it, amused at the crazy girl...both the one in the background who's so excited in her "fanship" (if that's a word...or if it's not.) And amused at just the way the narrating girl talks. (Yes I know they're the same person, but how on earth else do I differentiate??)

So I'm watching...I'm amused...giggle, giggle. And then the big orange AT&T screen comes on and the announcer (who's really trying to ruin some good entertainment, in my humble opinion, lol) starts talking. As he finally winds down you hear crazy girl yell, "YOU BIG DUMMY!" And that is precisely where I lose it.

I love it. LOoooooooooooooooooooooooove it! lol

P.S. - Forgive me Kristen for not mentioning sooner that Kristen tipped me off about this commercial...and developing my habit now for saying, "YOU BIG DUMMY!"

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