Monday, September 29, 2008

Alli Strikes Again, aka, What Are YOUR Kids Watching?

We're hanging out this evening watching Spongebob and a few minutes ago commercials came on. Now, thanks to DVR technology, I almost never watch commercials anymore, but tonight we're watching "Live."

So a commercial came on with some man and his dog and the man said he was going to be hosting the Fido Awards on Nick at Nite.

Alli looked over at me and I THOUGHT she said, "Nick at Nite? ... So do we need to get naked???"

I said, "What????" Then it hit me, and I told her, "NOT Naked Night, Nite."

So what are YOUR kids watching???


Mummy said...

*snort* she's a class act that one!

Hillary said...

LOL, no kidding.

What would she have done if I'd said, "Yes" to her question "So what? Do we all get naked?"