Monday, September 29, 2008

Guess Who's a What!!

(2 blogs, 1 day = difficulty focusing)

This year, my daughter, Megan, decided she wanted to try out for the school choir, The Bayshore Singers. Auditions were this morning and she was excited and ready to go.

This afternoon, I walked into my classroom after some after-school duties and she was waiting in my room.

She grabbed both my arms and said, "GUESS WHO'S A WHAT!!"

I said, "You're a Bayshore Singer??!"

And she screamed, "YES!!!!" and jumped up into my arms. (And I wonder why my back hurts, lol.)

She is so excited to have made it through auditions and to have made the choir. And so I had to come brag a bit about my girl. Mom's are supposed to do that, you know. Isn't it nice that we enjoy it so much??? :D


Dee said...

Congrats to Megan!

Mummy said...

YAY! Well done Megan!!!!

Hillary said...

Thanks, girls. I'll pass on your good wishes to her.