Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I wasn't sure what I was going to blog about this evening, and then I was looking for a video on YouTube of Elvis singing "I've Lost You." (Someone read my ditty and said they didn't know the original so I was researching.) The video was a slideshow that some fan made to his song. A minute or so into it, along came some shots of him in his Vegas-y jumpsuits. You know, the ones that open down to the waist? Yeah, those. Well those photos reminded me of a kick my girls (and Sunshine, bahaha, sorry, just kidding or am I?) are on right now. Are you scared?

They are on this kick right now where they are VERY amused by the fact that men have (or should have) hairy chests. It's not exactly news to them, but they just think it's about the funniest thing ever. Well, we were listening to the "Mamma Mia" Soundtrack and track number 5 began to play. (Yeah I got the numbers down, wooo!) Track number five is "Our Last Summer" and at the end, Sophie sings "And now you're working in a bank, a family man, a football fan, and your name is Harry." The girls have heard this for weeks, but the other night they said, "His name's HARRY?" (giggle, giggle) And then Megan reaches down, says,

"Get it?" ::pantomimes ripping her shirt open and thrusts her chest out:: "HAIRY??" And they laughed hysterically.

Ok, really it was me pantomiming. Wait no. No it was really her. But I was DEFINITELY in on the hysterical laughing. For different reasons than them, (I was laughing at THEM; THEY were laughing at hairy chests! LOL) but still laughing!

Whilst (I like saying that word, whilst, whilst, whilst) I'm here...and talking about things that make me laugh hysterically... (one day I'll talk about something that's really in my heart but right now the hysterical laughter thing is working for me)... WHILST I'm here, etc., I'd like to share yet another YouTube video, that quite frankly, could make the sourest person roll on the floor (It's TOTALLY worth spelling ROFL out...THAT funny!)

Ok, I just went looking for it and YouTube has discontinued it, BUT I found it on another site, thanks to our friends at Google. So I guess it's not really a YouTube video now, is it? Anyway, you won't recognize a word of it, unless you're fluent in Finland-ese. (Finnish?? What DO they speak??) But you will know the song and ... well ... just trust me ... and watch the whole thing. Laughter is a good aerobic activity!

And just for the record, the charm of this video is totally unrelated to the fact that the man's name is GREGorius and he's wearing a yellow shirt and black shorts. Really. It doesn't. No I'm serious. That wasn't sarcasm. Go watch the video.

You can thank me later. :D


Mummy said...

enzzgsThat's HILLarious! *snort* so funny...and I'll set my little man onto the phone if you're girls keep laughing at his name! Be afraid! Be very afraid! lol

Hillary said...

I'm absolutely quaking!! But you'll have to come to terms with the fact that Harry just MIGHT end up HAIRY.

Sunshine said...

What the flip? Oh NoWAH. I can't even believe. So wrong, so, so wrong on sooooo many levels.

But funny...why yes, it is. ;D

Hillary said...

LOL, you said it all so eloquently, dear Sunshine. LOL

You DID catch the backup dancers, I hope. LOLOL@them.

Sheesh now I have this garbled "Shush, blah blah blah blah blah blah" to the tune of YMCA bouncing around my brain......AGAIN.