Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I know, I know, I've threatened with ditties, but tonight's blog is dedicated to a little "happening" in our house this afternoon.

It went something like this...

I sent the girls into the living room to clean up the uhhhh fallout from the weekend. (Imagine Pollys and Lincoln Logs, etc., all over the place.) Alli went in and plopped down to dig into the mess. She immediately starts howling. My first thought is that she'd hurt one of her feet that she opened a door onto earlier today, which ripped some skin off and turned it some pretty colors. But I wasn't considering her ummm tendency to be a teeny weeny heckuva lot dramatic. She reaches beneath one of her feet and holds up for inspection one of the smaller Lincoln Logs. Then suddenly she bellows...yes, I said she shakes the log in the air...

"CURSE YOU, AQUA SCOTT!!!" Bahahaha. (This isn't her first time saying that, but it kills me when she does. Maybe I'm easily amused.)

Megan and I can't help ourselves, and we tell her, "It's 'Curse you, Aqua SCUM.'"

"WHO CARES!!" (Yes, more bellowing.)

So I poke my head around the corner (I'd already left the howler and gone into the kitchen) and I said, "Apparently WE care."

A minute later she comes into the kitchen with the Lincoln Log and says, "I'm gonna punish you, Aqua Scott." And she took it and threw it up against the wall.

Just a teeny weeny heckuva lot dramatic.

C'est la vie chez Hillary. I'll go and see about one of those ditties.... I's gots an idea.

P.S. - "Curse you, Aqua Scum!" is a line from Nemo. Shame on those of you who don't know.

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