Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mamma Mia, The Singalong! The Good, The Bad, and ... the Other

Ok, primary point of discussion today is "Mamma Mia! The Singalong!" But before we go there, I've got a question. It's rhetorical...especially since I don't think there are any men out there reading my blog. ('How much they miss!' said the humble-hearted bloggist.) But it's a question, nonetheless.

How do men stand having hair on their chests? I mean...personally...I'm glad they do and all, ::whistling innocently::, but how do they stand it?

I got my hair cut right after "The Singalong" and I keep finding bits of cut hair down my shirt because they're itching and DRIVING ME INSANE! And what popped into my mind when I found about the umpteenth hair??? Was it A), "I should go shower off and change clothes"? Was it B), "Sheesh, why does such a tiny thing cause so much irritation?" Or was it C), "HOW DO MEN STAND IT?? HAIR ON THEIR CHESTS ALLLLL THE TIME???" (I hope you all picked C, because if you didn't you weren't reading too closely, were you???....DON'T YOU CARE????)

Ok, when you're done pondering those deep thoughts, turn your attention back here and let's get down to business....which happens to be pleasure this time. (Yes, sometimes the two mix rather well...just ask Meryl.)

You all know my opinion of "Mamma Mia! (The Greatest Movie Ever)." What a fitting name. And we all know that Kristen broke my resistance by informing it was now out in select theaters IN SINGALONG FORMAT! AAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!


I've been counting down the days. It's been a definite on my calendar. Even when my hairstlyist (with whom I've been playing phone tag) was trying to find a time to fit me in today, I was unavailable during Singalong's time slot. :D

You all also (if you've read all my blog or if you've ever seen me before 9 or 10 in the morning) know that I'm not what we call "a morning person." But I wanted to catch the matinee. I realize I shouldn't be throwing a lot of money at Meryl and Pierce, no matter how amazing their movie is. So I wanted to attend the matinee and not get off my budget. So that was the plan. The matinee was at 11:35...kind of early for a Saturday, but any later and it would be a bit hard to consider it a matinee (what with matinee meaning morning and all.)

Anyway! 11:35 and the theater was 30 minutes from me. (Yeah my closest theater might be hearing from me about this, lol.) So I set my alarm for 10:30. I knew I was going alone and I was going comfy, so half an hour would do it. I know I'm no Meryl but doggone it if she can wear ovies and tool belt, then I can wear comfy clothes, too. So, alarm set for 10:30....which translated to snoozing until 10:55. (Which wasn't easy with the two dress-shirted men ringing my doorbell TWICE before 10. Sorry, no one in here dressed enough to receive you this morning, dudes. Journey on.)

So I got ready in five minutes, yoga pants (not that I've ever done yoga, but man are they comfy!), a tank top, a tee shirt and a jacket in case the theater plotted my death through freezing. Jumped in the car and off I went.

Now normally I'm a pretty calm driver...not overly worried with other drivers, but well...they wouldn't get out of the way this morning! I tried to tell them I had somewhere to be, but it didn't help a lot. Yeah, I was a little.....bit.....excited.

Finally got there, a few minutes still to spare before even the advertisements and preview started to play. I parked and got out, headed toward the box office. Suddenly I realized I wasn't walking. Hill was on the move, running...well jogging anyway... toward the box office. Caught myself and made myself walk...very amused at my own anticipation (but hoping no one else saw me.) I walked up, requested my ticket, and as I paid, the tiny elderly lady giving me the ticket asked, "Are you going to sing along?"

Anyone want to answer her for me????

I gave a very enthusiastic "YES!!" She laughed, handed me the ticket and I headed in the door...handed off the ticket and took the stub. The lady who gave me back the stub said, "You'll enjoy it, it's a very fun movie." I bit back my smarty-pants thoughts, thanked her and headed off down the hall.

Next thought, "What IS it with the running??? WALK!!!" Yeah, busted myself racing for the theater. Somewhere deep inside, I'm still five.

Up until that moment the whole SingAlong experience was all I could hope and more. My anticipation was HUGE and all was going well.

I walked in, looked around and saw about 8 people in the theater. Ohhhhhhhhh crum. Still, I thought, maybe they'll be very enthusiastic. Let's go for it.

So I take my place...all as not to drown out the movie should anyone else want to hear it. The movie took off, complete with the big blue and gold singalong words lighting up as I sang along to the songs. Emphasis on *I*...because not a darn soul in there made so much as a peep! Except me. And I sang. was a bit inhibiting. I didn't want to JUST sing. I wanted to BELT IT OUT!! Ok, I guess it wasn't a Belt-It-Out-Along, but still.... Meryl got to belt it out. ::sniff::

It was a singalong with the party poopers. You've heard that every party has a pooper? Well they were all invited to today's singalong. And they all showed up. All 8 of them. It was wrong....on so many levels.

But I sang.........and I hope they enjoyed it. :D

And Sunshine, I want you to know that Pierce looked just as fine up there on the cliff while I sang along with Meryl. The wind still rustled through his hair and flicked at his colllars. And the the part that I think I like the best was when Meryl took off running toward the church and PIERCE RAN AFTER HER. ::sigh:: THAT's when I wished I were Meryl. :) RUN AFTER *ME*, PIERCE!!! OVER HEEEEEEEEEEERE!!! (Shoot, he could have chased me down in the theater hallway....after all I WAS running.)

Ok, that was the part I like best besides singing "The Winner Takes It All" and "Dancing Queen"...and when Colin sings "Our Last Summer" and when he smiles at Sophie at the end of that song...and Pierce and Meryl singing S.O.S. and Pierce dancing when Meryl's singing Super Trouper and fancy spandex, lol, .....and....and...well, there's just a lot of parts I like best. lol

So let this be a lesson to you. Take your own singing mob along if you're going to a matinee. Or be sure you go to a later performance if you want a lot of help singing and don't have a mob of your own to take along.

Oh and it WAS a little disappointing that I didn't have a pair of ovies or a tool belt to wear to the movie today. It really would have made poopers or no.


Mummy said...

oh Hill I am *crying* reading this! I'm sorry you were so disappointed in your fellow movie goers. I only wish I was near enough to have joined you...we could have screamed along together. hehehe

Hillary said...

Now THAT's the spirit I'm talking about people! Mummy, YOU are NOT a party pooper. Well done.


And I wish you could have been there with me, too. We'd have had a blast.

Sunshine said...

As usual, I'm laughing my you-know-what off over here in Oregon, all the way through! (and I too have yoga pants and don't do yoga--they are like the most comfy things ever)

Oh, how I wish I would've been there! You KNOW I would be belting it out WITH YOU, right?! Like so belting it out, that the other 7 people (aka party poopers) would have either gave up and joined in, or left. Here's wishing they would have just left so we could get up and also dance-a-long. Maybe run up and down the aisles, pretending we were running up a very steep, candle-lit hill to a church, with Pierce in tow...

Wow. What a good imagination.

(and I too love the part where Pierce is off to the side dancing during Super Trouper)

And LOL at the 5-yr-old in you trying to break out in full sprint to the movie! I love you for that. You are my kind of people. You know this, right?

And I so get the hair on the chest bit. I *hate* that. I mean, on my chest. Wait...that still doesn't sound after I get a haaaaaaircute--those hairs. Not um...other hairs. SHEESH! Must I clarify?! I *almost* went off into the world of my imagination there for a second, with Pierce still on the brain. WOAH! Back the truck up, I am getting too carried away over here AND totally blogging on your comment thingy. I should really go back to my blog now.

But what I really wanted to say was that I am *so* dang proud of you. :)

Hillary said...

LOL Sunshine. I LOVE when you blog on my blog. ha ha ha

If only you could have been there. We'd have had SUCH fun. You, me, and Mummy. We almost outnumber the party poopers already!

And maybe if I had really belted it out, they would have left and I COULD have raced up the aisles pretending Pierce was right behind me. Of course I'd have been tempted not to run TOOOO fast. Whoops! Oh no? Did I trip? Help me, Pierce.



Oh and don't tell GP. I'd really prefer he chase me up the aisles but Pierce fits the theme today so...whaddayado?

Hillary said...

...and besides, Pierce wouldn't be a bad second, you know?

Bet he hasn't been thought of as a second by many, lol.

Sunshine said...

How about both? Then nobody's crying?

Ha ha...I better be there too, just so things don't get out of hand. I'm your wingman. Wingmom. Ha ha...

See, now this is where falling down IS NOT A BAD THING! Ha ha...Don't I look so peeeerty falling damsel in distress-esque? Oh, and you too are looking very desperate (and flawless) to be saved. Save us oh, fine shirt-unbuttoned-down-to-here, handsome man ( case they are both there! Heeeeelp...Heeeelp...

Ooops...blogging again. Ha ha...or something! ;D (major wink wink here)

Hillary said...

Well now, we don't want anyone to be crying, do we? So you'd better come along and help me out. We need two chasees if the two chasers are to be happy.

And easy does it on the unbuttonedness. I might start swooning.