Friday, September 5, 2008

My Friday Photos...and Wardrobe for Sunshine

Before I go into my actual entry for CandidCarrie's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta, (as seen at I had to share these photos for Sunshine. If that $300+ dress doesn't work out (WOW! What a dress!), I thought maybe this fashion of Alli's might work out. I know sunglasses aren't particularly cool for wearing inside...or at a ball, but clearly the shades make this ensemble....particularly with what-the-heck-are-those-little-things-on-the-frames...not to mention the crocheted doily on the head. Feel free to steal her idea Sunshine. She'd be happy to know she helped.

Here they are. My Friday Photos. I saw Sunshine's pics of her girls' first day of school....and the fresh new baby pics and it made me feel all mushy again about my own two. So I went in search of some of my favorite pictures of my girls. My only regret is the quality of the photos, but I LOVE this series of shots. The girls would sit together in a laundry basket with pillows and blankies (here they're using a little green bunny afghan I made for Alli when I was carrying her.)

I can't really put words to why I like these best. To me the pictures speak for themselves. I miss the days when they were just babies like this. Alli, big as she was, wasn't even really talking then. (She took her time...but has made up for it!)
They've always been really good playmates for each other and it's always fun for a mamma to watch her children enjoying each other.

Anyway, those are my favorites for this time around...just 'cuz they're my babies.

I LOVE pudgy little "baby hands".

For whatever reason I can't get the spacing and layout on these pictures right...


Dee said...

Sisterly love! They are so cute.

Hillary said...

Thanks, Dee.

Ahhh sisterly love. :)

Life has been crazy but I will try to get over to your blog very soon. I haven't been reading blogs for over a week. Life's just been too crazy.

But I'M COMING!! :)

Sunshine said...

Those pics aresocute!!!! Love them, love them, love them!

And I *think* I can pull off the outfit...I think I might have *everything* needed, including the pot holder! ;D LOL! Very LOL!

Thanks for the fashion advice...I'm quite visual, so you the pics help out in a big, big way! LOL!