Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lame Post of the Year


I'm not sure at all what I want to write about this evening. But I've been having way too many days when I just shrug off the blog because I don't have some great idea to go with. And that's kind of not the point (AT ALL) of me starting to blog in the first place. This is supposed to ENCOURAGE me to use my brain and write...write...write!

So, if you're having trouble sleeping (and judging from the fact that most my comments come while I'm in bed, I'd guess that some of you are reading during what SHOULD be sleeping hours) perhaps you should grab a glass of warm milk, cozy up, and read this boring entry. (You're really hooked now, aren't you??) Oh and by the way, if you're getting some warm milk to wash down this blog, would you please do me a favor and make it chocolate? Warm white milk is ... well ... I think *GAG* says it best.

Ok, yeah, I think I'm done.

Well, geez, that was worth it.

Pleasant dreams.

I guess I COULD talk about Mamma Mia again, lol. But we'll save that for Saturday KNOW...the Singalong is coming this weekend!! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!


Sunshine said...

Hey baby! I've come to the understanding (after having a heart to heart w/my blog) that it is *for* me more than anything. As much as I looooove the comments and feel *so good* when I see them...that it's OKAY if nobody's reading it but me. Ha ha...cuz lately that's been the case. blog is the proof for later...sorta thing. My kids will love me for it. Or need therapy. Either's good for me. And sometimes, my brain doesn't get a say in it at all...;D

That's all I wanted to say is don't hurt your brain. Just write. Now go to my blog and tell me the same thing. Ha ha...Cuz you *know* I have the same thoughts as you. :)


Mummy said...

lol Hill......Just what I needed...I could doze off beautifully now :)

Sunshine said...

Why thank you, my dear friend!

(a comment, a comment, a comment, oh yipppppeeeeee, a comment!)

Em said...

Well if I'd known that reading your blog was the trick to getting good sleep, I could've skipped all the hassle of going to the doctor! LOL.

I feel like I'm taking baby commenting for the first time.


Hillary said...

So glad to help the two of you sleep, Mummy and Em. :) Keep on babystepping, Em!!

And Miss Sunshine, you're very welcome. It was nothing. LOL Now look out, cuz here I come with my REAL thoughts.