Monday, September 22, 2008

The Seven Dwarves, All Rolled Into One

I'm not sure how this whole line of thought came to be...other than I'm grumpy this afternoon and when I say I'm grumpy, I have this need to clarify that I don't mean the dwarf. And I got started thinking, a dangerous thing, I know. I was thinking how, at one time or another, I'm all those dwarves.

So I looked up their names. I mean, who can be bothered to recite them from memory?? (Confession: I tried. I got Grumpy, Sleepy, and Dopey and couldn't be bothered to go any further. And I only got Grumpy and Sleepy because that's how I feel at the moment. And, well, ... Dopey? He was the cute one.) Soooooo, thanks to some help from our friends at google (again), I present you with a handy list of the dwarves: Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, and Sneezy.

I don't know why, but I just read "Slappy" in there somewhere.

Hey! Look at that! They even alphabetized them! Geeks after my own heart.

ANYWAY, as I was saying, really, at one time or another I'm all of the dwarves. Let's look at some examples, shall we?

1. Bashful. When I handed GP a bunch of daisies during his concert, I was definitely Bashful. One can be Bashful and still act boldly. That's called BRAVERY...or sometimes FOOLISHNESS. But somewhere between that moment of bashfulness and the time I finally get to the front of the meet and greet line, I somehow become Sassy...who, I'm quite sure, is a relative of the Seven.

2. Doc. Hey, I'm a mom. For the first three years of Alli's life, I KNEW when she was doing her projectile hurling, that it was just another tooth coming. Don't be alarmed; just grab the bucket!!! See? Not just a doc, but a BRRRRILLIANT diagnostician. (Currently not taking any new patients, sorry.)

3. Dopey. Well...I'd like to say I'm never Dopey...other than being cute like him, lol, but well, what else do you call it when you're telling a story and you punch YOURSELF in the eye? Yeah, I did that last night. Felt smaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart. Looked Dooooooooooopey. (Do NOT say that like "poopie." None of you are 2 anymore and besides, we don't say "poopie" at Barbie dot com.)

4. Grumpy. You could see me anytime around 3 in the afternoon. Generally Grumpy is "in" by then. If not, leave a message. Actually, if Grumpy IS "in," it might be better if you just left a message anyway.

5. Happy. I'm Happy more often than I am the others. I have two beautiful girls who love me and whom I love. I was raised by loving parents and have siblings...and we all feel the love. :)...despite my beating my brother up with just my thumb. (Hey! I'm that chef in Ratatouille! bahaha) And...well...have YOU ever been to a GP concert? If you have, you KNOW. And if you haven't ... well ... frankly ... you should have gone. I mean, really!

6. Sleepy. I stay up until midnight almost every night. I get up between 5:30 and 6:00 each morning (except weekends). So, you know, see me from around 3:00pm-5:00pm and Sleepy's right there with Grumpy.

7. Sneezy. Actually, I'm not Sneezy too often, thanks to my good doctor. However, the less Sneezy I am, the more Sleepy I am. It seems to be a trade off.

8. I'm not sure why I typed "8." I DO know there are only seven...but I DID scroll up to see who came after Sneezy. (Refer to Dwarf Number 3. It's all coming clearer now, isn't it?)

So there ya have it. I'm all Seven dwarves, rolled into one.

You'd think there'd be more of me to go around, wouldn't ya?

Oh, and one last thing: When you're googling for Dopey, don't type "Goofy" in the search field. It doesn't work. Not that I learned that through experience or anything. Anyway, they don't look the least bit alike. Although it might also be noted that I am definitely Goofy, too. Oh, and Sleezy is NOT a dwarf. And it's a good thing, because then I couldn't be all of them, rolled into one, because Sleezy is one thing I am NOT. And that would mean one less accomplishment for me.

Many thanks to Walt Disney.

Over and out. (aka: "Heigh Ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heigh Ho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It's Off To Work We Go....)


Mummy said...

what a fabulous blog Hill!! Love it :) I played the part of Dopey in the school panto when I was about 8. Can't imagine why I got that part can you??? I should have a photo of me in costume somewhere, I'll let you know if I find it. lol. not that I'll let you see it you understand!

Hillary said...

Awww, I know how you got the part! It's because you're so doggone cute. :) And you'd BETTER let me see that photo!!