Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Sounds of Silence...It's Not Just Music Anymore

Remember this song? (From Sesame Street)

"Has anybody seen my dog?
Has anybody seen my dog?
He left me crying, wo-wo-wo
Why'd he ever have to go?"

It's much longer than that. That's just the part that came to mind easily.

Well, I just wasted a hefty amount of time trying to find it SOMEWHERE on the internet (without paying) and I must is a carefully guarded item. Lyrics? Easy. Audio? Not so easy.

Anyway, I was just looking for it because...for whatever came to mind. Only, I thought it should be changed to...

Has anybody heard my voice?
Has anybody heard my voice?
It's left me speechless, wo-wo-wo
Why'd it ever have to go?

But here I sit in near-silence, and the internet returns that silence over and over again.

::sigh:: Such a loss.

How can I sing along with Mamma Mia when I can barely croak out a "Hello?"

My little kindergarteners will think they've hit the jackpot. They can talk over me without even trying now. Recess is bound to be an unhappy experience tomorrow. Tsk, tsk, tsk. 'Tis a pity, I know.

Oh the ever-lovin' inconvenience of it all.

BUT, let's face it, there are times when we all love silence. Crave it, even. For example:

1. The end of the day. Case in point: just this afternoon, I was after my own children to keep it down. They were in typical "I'M FREEEEEEE" mode like all children right after school. And I was in a teacher's typical "Can EVERYONE please...just...stop...talking?" mode. At which point, of course, at least one person starts making some other sound like...

...leaning back in their chair so it creaks like a rusty door hinge.


...plinking their pencils or crayons on the table.

...spinning their scissors around one finger on the tabletop.

...TALKING if they had no clue.

...making loud sighing sounds.

...insisting that they have to go to the bathroom...RIGHT...NOW!!!

...and my personal favorite, outright yelling, because they're five and occasionally they just let loose.

I was in that "please no more noise" mode. Maybe it wasn't because of a long busy day. Maybe it was because my voice was on the way out and I was feeling jealous of the vocal world. I don't know. It's hard to say.

2. When listening to some real awe-inspiring music, like Josh Groban. SILENCE PLEASE. Close your eyes and you can almost FEEL the beauty of the music. It's incredible.

3. During the news. Booo hiss! (I just don't go for the news. It tries to scare me and I'm trying really hard to be brave, here. So don't tell me a killer's on the loose. I know they're out there anyway, but don't make me concentrate on it, k?)

4. When we're on the phone? Hmmmm. Now how many moms would like the luxury of silence around them when they're on the phone? Why is it that despite the phone you have pressed against your ear, the movement of your lips, and the sound of your voice, a child still thinks they can talk to you at the same time? Why is that when they begin practicing for their "American Idol" auditions? WITH AMPS of course? Why oh why?

5. When we're sorting out nasty things like checkbooks and bank accounts. Of course that's when the kids start singing "The Numbers Rhumba."

6. When you have a killer the sort you get with a sinus infection. Those are fun. And noise makes them even better, no?

7. When I pray.

8. When I read. I can't listen to music AND read. It's got to be one or the other. You can forget all about multi-tasking, people.

Well, I guess I've rambled on long enough. There was really no point to this post...which is most likely the reason you don't get it. There's nothing to get. It's just a natural sedative...and me pining for a voice.


Sunshine said...

You totally just described my life w/two little girls. WHEW! We're normal.

See, I'm pretty sure my girls are the LOUDEST girls in the history of loud girls.

Oh, I needed that. ;D

No voice and being a Kindergarten teacher is not a good thing...drink your hot, honey, lemon tea, k?

Hillary said...

Yeah...LOUD is pretty normal, I think. My sweet little Alli who used to be sooooooooooo quiet now gives Megan a run for her money.

There is no "quiet one" in the family anymore.

I'd suggest a Loud Contest between our girls, but I can't handle that. lol

And thanks for the honey-y lemon-y tea tip. Just might have to get my batootie to the kitchen to get some going. However honey teas in the past haven't really done much for me when I have this kind of lost voice. With colds where my voice and throat are just irritated it has helped some...although I used peppermint instead of honey tea...but with this kind of thing, I haven't had the best luck.

It's like out-of-the-blue WHAMMO! VOICE-BE-GONE! Ok, buh-bye.

::sniff:: Not any real warning or anything.

Ah well. :D