Friday, September 12, 2008

Want to Laugh?

We all love to laugh, right? Well, if you're in the mood, you MUST mosey over to (should be a link in my right pane).

A few years ago, my good buddy Kristen sent my girls an e-card for Valentine's day. It was from hoopsandyoyo. We watched and was love at first sight. Lots of great laughs on their home pages and their e-cards and their blog and their newsletters. If you take the time to watch their homepages, then you've got an evening of entertainment right there. (Just click on "animations" in their side column, sit back, get comfy, and get ready to laugh!)

But it's not just laughs that make them great. They are gooooooooooood people. We've met them about three years ago. How? Well here's the story.

Shortly after discovering these guys, I started sending their ecards to my dad as often as I could. He found them very entertaining so I sent them to him often, to give him a smile. (That was back when he was fighting cancer.) Well, somewhere in there, I decided to write to hoops and yoyo and thank them for all the laughs, and I explained how much it meant to me to have something to cheer my dad during his illness.

They wrote me back and, long story short, they ended up making a special custom, audio recording for my dad and about my dad. (They asked me for info about him.) It meant a lot to him, and to my mom, and to me, too. And it made us all laugh.

I'm tellin' ya, gooooooooooooood people. And sometime later, we were in Kansas City, where hoops and yoyo live, and we got to go see them, take a tour of their place, sit in the studio while they recorded some stuff, and we got to get in on some recording, too! They even gave us sneak previews on a couple of the e-cards they were working on at the time. Simply put, these guys ROCK!

Anyway, their humor is great, and their hearts are even greater.

So what are you waiting for? Go over and see them...but be ready to laugh.

(By the way...forgive my writing this evening. My girls are watching "The Love Bug" and it's....distracting.)

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