Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Things Kids Take Pride In

Come into my house. Only don't look at anything in it except this cute little girl and something she taught herself to do and now takes great pride in. Don't look at that counter to the right because when I moved in I put a bunch of stuff that I didn't want to deal with right away on top of it ... and eight months later I still am not really interested in dealing with. (But it's bugging me, so one of these days....) And don't look at that horrid table to the left and eventually right behind the cute little girl at the end of the clip because ... well ... I let another cute little girl get every craft pain in creation out and every single one is on that table...along with a grand variety of items that girl felt necessary to create some "craft" of her own design, including but not limited to 2 backs of 500-ct cotton swabs and a bottle of leave-in conditioner. Ok, the conditioner isn't part of the craft and neither are the nail polish bottles and the polish remover, but.... I'm not going to bother to say WHEN I let her get that all out, but ... well ... that will have to be dealt with soon, too.

But check out this cute lil girl o' mine. She came to me just yesterday and told me to watch her. So I watched as she demonstrated (with GREAT pride, I might add) how to fold a sweatshirt. It amused me enough that I asked if she'd do it again while I video'd. Now granted, it's just one of those things that mommies are amused by/take pride in, but it's something I want to remember years from now ... her character traits and how proud she was, moreso than the art of folding.

And be glad for this blog, because before I remembered this video I was going to share ... buh-buh-BUH (that was supposed to sound ominous) ... SECRETS YOU PROBABLY DON'T KNOW ABOUT HILL. (Except for my mom, aka Grandma, and she'd rather watch this video anyway.) (Hi Mom!)

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Mummy said...

Hill she is just fabulous!!!! She could have a job in Benneton right away I'm sure! I used to love going in there and unfolding stuff!!! I love her face and her smile and the sheer pride! Just fantastic!!!

Hillary said...

LOL, thanks, Jayne. It was so fun to watch her when she came in to show me. She gave even more details of just how exactly it should be done. And I was so glad that she'd actually let me record it.